Vintage floppiness …

My floppy top is blooming marvellous … no, no, no I’m not talking about boobs, belly or bingo wings (I have my pride), I mean this floppy top. I love and wear it so often that I thought I’d try and make another one …

photo 2This time I used the little bit of vintage fabric I had left over from my Festival Anna (it’s far too lovely to put away and I still have a teeny scrap for keepsake) and the same black crepe that I used in my Comfortable Miz Mozelle dress. Actually, I have used up every last scrap of that black crepe (which originally came from the Cath Kidston outlet store) and have really missed having it in my stash. My Lovely Mum came to the rescue with an unopened, unused package of the very same crepe (we bought one each!) and insisted I took it. Thank you Mum, you’re brilliant!

photo 1The pattern is just my (cough) usual play on the Sorbetto (I can not keep away, it’s too perfect, I am an addict). I shortened the darts, added a little to the length and of course added some sleeves. I played quite a lot with the neckline this time, trying a little collar (too fussy), nothing at all (too plain) and then finally some ric rac which I think is just right.

ricThe black back is quite a contrast, but I do like it. Does it look like I just didn’t have enough fabric?! Oh heck …

photo 3Nooo, I like it, I think it just about all pulls together. The inside is nice and neat, French seams and hand-stitching to finish the home made (I’d run out!) bias binding.

photo 4Ooh, that’s a funny face, I think I’m happy, yes I’m happy. The sun is out, it’s a three day weekend and I have a lovely (if I say so myself), unique, new top. Perfect!








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7 responses to “Vintage floppiness …

  1. this is lovely – I love tops with contrasting back and front, so much more stylish than all over pattern which I feel can sometimes be a bit busy!

  2. I love it especially the neckline 🙂

  3. Sam

    What a beautiful top! I love the addition of ric rac to the neck binding.

  4. Eilidh

    Oh I love the way you have put this together, gorgeous! 🙂 x

  5. Ha! I know exactly what you mean about the Sorbetto. It was the first thing i made when I started sewing again and i have made I don’t know how many since. I mostly frankenpattern it almost beyond recognition, but it’s such a great shape to use as a starting point. I might have to make a colour block version after seeing this.

  6. Cute as a button. And that’s before I saw the rick rack., perfection!!

  7. I love all your choices here! The black back, the contrast binding AND the ric rac! Looks great!

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