The fabric of life …

I seem to be able to weave fabric into all aspects of my life and my latest (non sewing) project was no exception …

Here are some pages from a Blurb book that I recently made for my Lovely Dad to celebrate his 70th birthday. It’s a family photo album with the earliest pictures dating from 1891, and look …


blog2… I managed to include the Welsh patchwork quilts that have been in our family for years and years …

blog4My father is Welsh and his family history is a BBC drama waiting to happen I can tell you. In fact, I may just pop the lid on my sewing machine and start writing a screenplay this very afternoon.

page30Do you recognise this fabric?

And here is my Grandma’s Welsh wool blanket (moth holes and all) featuring my very handsome grandfather…

blog13Almost all of the 72 pages have a piece of fabric included as part of the design of this book, from lace for a wedding spread, to a scrap of an old 1940s apron on this page where my dad is cute and cheeky …

blog47 This project was incredibly absorbing for me (hence my absence of late) and I can’t tell you how satisfying and enjoyable it was to do. It was also very moving (my Lovely Dad was only 6 weeks old when his father died at the end of the war), a tale of family, love, loss, betrayal and mystery. Right where’s my pen, I’ve a screenplay to right and a ‘final show’ dress to sew for my Lovely Girl (made from a pair of old curtains of course) who is about complete another chapter in her young life …

He loved the book by the way.





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2 responses to “The fabric of life …

  1. That’s such a dear gift. It’s true that textiles has such a strong emotive connection to the past. Lovely post.

  2. This is amazing! What a brilliant idea. I loved looking at all the photos, I find family histories interesting – or maybe I’m just really nosey! Glad your Dad loved it.

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