A Lilou for Lily …

When I found some striped curtains in a Chipping Norton charity shop a couple of months ago, they screamed out (as is often the case) “Buy Me! I look like something from your past!”, a shirt that my mum made for my brother when he was little to be precise, I had to have them!

curtainsThey were washed and ironed and sitting on my sewing table when my Lovely Girl spotted them and asked if I would transform them into a dress for her … With pleasure!

photo 1We decided to use the Lilou pattern from Tilly’s new book ‘Love at First Stitch‘, swapping the pleated skirt for a gathered one and adding essential pockets too.

photo 3It was a perfect sewing project, clearly explained with beautiful photographs and suggestions on variations. I did have to make a SBA (small bust adjustment) as my girl is quite dainty, but found this tutorial from Christine Haynes really helpful.

After quite a lot of trying on and pinning (all whilst knee deep in paint and perspex – her, not me), I felt happy with the fit and sewed up the bodice and lining (with a bit of cotton from my stash).

photo 4The belt (it’s pinned here, hence the wobble) is made following Tilly’s Bow Belt tutorial (swapping the bow for a big, bold, purple and pearl button from my button tin) and it helps to nip the waist in perfectly.

photo 5photo 2All done and I think she likes it. No she loves it, phew! She may wear it to her Final Art Show party at the weekend. She may not (who knows what to wear for definite until the very last nano second, especially at 18?) but I’m fine with her just hanging it on her door for now, it looks good there …

It’s a shame she’s so much smaller than me, I’d steal it otherwise!





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8 responses to “A Lilou for Lily …

  1. Gorge, lucky daughter! I hope mine will wear mum jades when she’s older, as I couldn’t think of anything nicer. I love the fabric and that hanger is far too pretty!

  2. scruffybadger

    Ooh, it’s beautiful and love that it was ere before curtains!

  3. Gorgeous! The colours are fab.

  4. Oooh that’s so lovely. Aren’t you nice to let Lily have the dress instead of you!

  5. Oh wow this is soooooo pretty! You did such a wonderful job with this dress. I hope you are getting lots of wear out of it.

  6. My those curtains make a fantastic dress. Your daughter is lucky.

  7. I’m often a blog lurker… Rather than commenter…..but I had to say that I love that dress! I’m a fan of the charity shop home furnishing fabrics into dresses…though mostly I seem to stash them rather than use them! Bad me!

  8. Lovely dress – the colours are amazing!

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