Snippets of fabric …

Jeepers, how did that happen? I seem to have turned 45 and lost a whole month of sewing/ blogging time all at once, very strange …

photo 2Ignoring my latest (and hard to get used to) age, let’s move straight on to presents. What’s that you see above? Yes, a beautiful pair of Merchant and Mills, made in Sheffield, superduper, sheeny, shiny, spectacular scissors (thank you Jimmy). Yes, they are red! Also, a beautiful Liberty (Made in England), vintage silk hanky from my exceptionally well trained, eagle-eyed, charity shop enthusiast/ daughter, Lily.

Indulge me and look at those scissors again, only this time with another ‘Lily gift’, a piece of striped cotton …

photo 3Sadly she didn’t pay 60p, that would have been amazing but heyho, she made her mother very happy! (Gordon Thoday was a fabric shop in Oxford in the 1970s, where HMV stands today, it must have been huge! Imagine a huge fabric shop in Oxford … sigh!)

I also got a bundle of V&A fat quarters from my lovely friend and work buddy, Lauren …

photo 4These will be used in a very important little project I have coming up (more on that another time).

Lovely gifts aside but with finds in mind, I also stumbled (I know, I nearly passed out I was so excited!) upon a vintage fair whilst reluctantly shopping one sunny Saturday in Milton Keynes …

photo copy 2Large pieces of upholstery fabric, along with some linen and brushed cotton, enough to bring me out in a sweat (it’s a hormone thing, it happens when I see newborn babies too … actually any sort of babies, I’m not fussy) and some fat quarters from a different stall selling all things French.

photo copyI also found this tin of Dorcas pins which took me back to the 1970s (nice close up of my brushed cotton too), how exciting is that?!

Enough consumerism for one post, I shall go forth, dust off my sewing machine (it’s been too long) and snip things with my new scissors.

Go on then, just one more look at them …

photoSnip. Snip x







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19 responses to “Snippets of fabric …

  1. Maaike

    Happy Birthday! 45 isn’t so bad – trust me, been there, done that. Also, seriously awesome gifts! Well worth turning 45 for…. 🙂

  2. Ah, happy birthday to you! Love all your beautiful gifts, but those scissors. Definitely on my future wish list! 😉 happy snipping x

  3. I LOVE those scissors and all that other good stuff! Happy belated birthday. Sewing gifts are the best.

  4. Happy birthday! I too turned 45 this month and received a pair of those beautiful Merchant & Mills scissors! I also live in Oxfordshire and a large shop dedicated to sewing on Cornmarket Street, now that would be something 🙂

  5. Happy birthday! I hope you and your beautiful shiny scissors have a wonderful creative year ahead!

  6. Happy birthday and yes, total scissor envy!

  7. Nice haul! Last week was my 44th and it is hard to reconcile my savage immaturity with such a responsible age!

  8. Happy belated birthday! What lovely goodies in this post, the pin tin is fab, and those scissors are beauties!

  9. Janette

    Happy belated birthday! I love all of your Simplicity 2444 dresses, in particular the one made from the blackwatch fabric – I’ve had a sneeky peek on eBay and have found some from ‘thefabricman’ in Manchester for £4.25 per meter, would you mind if I ask, is this where you got it from?
    I’m nervous of buying fabric online when I haven’t had a good feel of it!!

    Can’t wait to see what your next ‘make’ is!

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  11. Oh my goodness, your family and friends know how to gift!! I’m so jealous, I’ve started my own sewing bloggers’ secret santa (which I’m calling #sewingsanta). Would love you to join in maybe…although I can’t guarantee your gift will be nearly as good as any of these!

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