Itching …

I am at work, so a speedy post while my work buddies get in a quick round of computer golf (coffee time in our office is a 15 minute work free break involving a visit to the virtual green). I am abstaining today, because quite frankly I’m rubbish and always come last!

While they play, I am twitching in my swivel chair and itching to go home and it’s only eleven o’clock. This ‘need’ to go home is a sensation I’ve not felt for ages (well, not sewing related anyway, we all have days when we’d like to run out of the office and hide behind a bush, don’t we?). Today after a period of sewing blues, I am tingling! I want to go home, tidy my sewing room, pop on the radio and get down to some serious stitching. The reason for my excitement? This arrived today …


My outrageously extravagant (and deliciously naughty) purchase of Liberty prints. I hold Tilly completely responsible (it’s easier this way) and am unashamedly copying heavily influenced by her latest make.

Oh heck, golf is done, coffee cup is drained and I must return to work mode … bye bye for now.


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8 responses to “Itching …

  1. Ha ha, I completely understand! I was just looking at her blouse and admiring the fabric too:)

  2. Yes, get home and start planning! Exciting fabric and so nice to read a new post here! 🙂

  3. Nice to see you again… and yes, those fabrics need to be sewn!

  4. Oh oh! That fabric will make the most gorgeous bow blouse! That Tilly, she has a lot to answer for… x

  5. Ooo! No wonder you want to go home, I would pretend I had something that was highly contagious, and run for the door! Those fabrics are beautiful. I am so glad that you haven’t mentioned the names of the prints, because I would so tempted to google them. Happy sewing!

  6. I’ve missed you! Lovely fabrics. 🙂

  7. Lovely blouses and stunning fabric! I’ve just been to Liberty’s and bought a selection of fabrics. Still deciding on the patterns though:)

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