Liberty Mimi, so good I made it twice …

  I’ve made a couple of garments from Tilly’s Love at First Stitch now, the Lilou for Lily and some Margot jimjams, but it was Tilly’s design hack of the Mimi that really got me excited and her choice of fabric that had me falling head over heels …


The fabric on the left (and Tilly’s choice of make) is Liberty Lawn Oxford B and living so close to Oxford I thought it would be rude to not buy some (ahem). Then I saw the beautiful Ciara C another lawn, which happened to be designed in my birth year so another absolute must have in my humble opinion!

I know this all seems very indulgent and extravagant from a sewer who likes nothing more than making things from old curtains and charity shop finds, but there is a story … In a moment of I have nothing to wear desperation and much deliberation, I ordered a handsome looking blouse from Jigsaw with great hopes for it solving all my wardrobe worries. It cost (brace yourself) £89 and apart from the fact that one armscye was bigger than the other, you didn’t even get cuffs! It was returned and Jigsaw were very apologetic but it was a good reminder as to why I like to make my own clothes. Now, here’s the exciting bit. With postage the Jigsaw blouse cost me £93.50 (as my northern Jimmy would say, How Much?!) and for £93.06 (including postage) I realised that I could have 4 metres of Liberty lawn fabric which would not only make me two blouses but give me deep sense of smugness satisfaction and as an added bonus make me happy and let’s not forget the change of 44p to buy some sweets fruit! 


Ok, back to the Mimi. This pattern was a dream to make up, so hats off to Tilly. That combined with the quality of the fabric made this project a joy to sew, I will definitely think again about quality over quantity next time I’m in a fabric buying mood.  


The only change I made to Tilly’s pattern hack was to create the long collar in one piece for the top section but two pieces for the under collar as I couldn’t squeeze that out of the 2 metres. No one will ever see the seam so it doesn’t matter, but I thought it might be helpful to know that it does seem to take up a lot of fabric!

I did mean it when I said I’d made two because I liked it so much. Here is the version very much like … ok virtually the same as Tilly’s …  



Just to be a weeny bit different, I cut this blouse straight at the sides making it a little more boxy and added a pop of colour to the front and back yoke with some bias tape. I also made the ties a bit shorter so I can also wear it in a loose knot without it hanging in the washing up bowl …


I wore the Ciara version to a meeting last week, it was a retrospective, end of project meeting involving a room full of very clever publishing people and (my worse nightmare) Post-it Notes and group discussion. I think I made a bit of a fool of myself (best not to ask) but hey, I was wearing a homemade Liberty Mimi so at least I felt good!


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11 responses to “Liberty Mimi, so good I made it twice …

  1. These are both lovely. I always wear handmade when I have a meeting- just gives you that edge of confidence.

  2. These are both beautiful, and I am drooling over the Ciara C fabric. Whilst Liberty fabric is definately not cheap, I entirely agree with your logic on buying it. Especially after I clicked on the link to the Jigsaw blouse, and saw that it’s not a patch on your blouses!

  3. OMG your mimi’s blouses are adorable. I love your choice of fabric with all those jewel colours. Your blouses are way better than the rtw jigsaw blouse. I’d be surprised if you didn’t get compliments every time you wear it.

  4. Great to see you back and with such lovely blouses too!

  5. Both are gorgeous! And I am now feeling the need to make one…

  6. tinygoldenpins

    I love these so much, I bought some Ciara after I saw them! Really beautiful colors on both (and I didn’t think I was crazy about the Oxford until I saw your blouse)! I think the combination of you saying your meeting was filled with publishing types and you making a fool of yourself reminded me of the scene in “Bridget Jones’ Diary” where that happens to her. I’m sure it wasn’t as bad and, as someone above said, at least you were wearing Liberty!!

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