A cosy quick one …

Ooh, I did enjoy this make! I made my Lily a Buchanan (from Gather) for Christmas in a soft cotton black watch tartan with dark green contrast trim and have been meaning to make myself one ever since. This time, I used a brush cotton vintage paisley fabric that I found years ago in (you guessed it) a charity shop and some contrasting purple poly cotton. The paisley was destined to be pillow cases, but this is so much more exciting … Poor Lily got the rough, “cripes, it’s almost Christmas and I need to whizz up a pressie quick as I can” version. Thankfully, with this make I remembered to make the whole garment with french seams so it’s lovely inside and out.  I did make a slight boo boo with the one patch pocket (which, incidentally is a perfect, patch pattern for fellow pocket lovers). For a start, two would have been handy (Lily got the ‘in seam’ ones of version 2), but also, I used the purple to line it with and that shows on the outer edges. Never mind, we can call it a design feature! One last thing to mention is that it comes up a little short, so you may want to add a bit to the length. In this case I had nothing left over of my tiny vintage fabric find, so I extended the length using more of the poly cotton.


Described as suitable for ambitious beginners, I would recommend this pattern to everyone. I can see a few of these hanging on the back of my bedroom door for all seasons and it’s actually the first thing I have ever made that I wear every day! 


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9 responses to “A cosy quick one …

  1. Wow, it’s eye catching and totally beautiful! Love the contrasting fabrics, no wonder you’re keen to wear it every day:)

  2. Lovely. I love these sorts of projects, so satisfying. I’ve finally given in & purchased the Named kimono pattern…

  3. The purple trim is a fab contrast! Think they’ll a few more kimonos out there after fellow readers see your lovely version. 😀

  4. How stylish! I think I need to make one for those oh it’s the postman (or any other) and I’m still in my pjs moments…

  5. That looks lovely and it takes care of Me made May in one fell swoop!

  6. Beautiful! I must make one immediately! x

  7. bimbleandpimble

    Ohhh! Those colours are perfect!! So bright and happy 😀

  8. Oh I’ve got severe kimono envy going on! Great to see how you recommend the pattern and I am thrilled you have been able to use charity shop finds, and that it gets worn every day. Love it!!

  9. Ooo! That’s lovely, and so stylish.

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