Bedtime stories and an old tablecloth …

One of the many things that I miss about having young children is reading stories to them at bedtime. Bubbly bath times, baby powdered skin, warm milk in Beatrix Potter beakers, all snuggled under the duvet. Hairy Maclary From Donaldson’s Dairy, The Tiger Who Came to Tea, We’re going on a Bear Hunt and all time favourite, In the Night Kitchen. Aw, happy days!

Karen’s Made Up Initiative was a reminder of how privileged we are to have books in our lives. All the more poignant as I prepare to wave my youngest off to university this weekend. I would have liked to pledge that I would start and finish a patchwork quilt for my boy to take away with him, but this summer has been crazy busy so that’s going to have to follow him in a week or so (watch this space). Instead I took an old tablecloth and promised to transform it into a top for my girl …


 In my haste, I forgot to do the ‘before’ photo. Not to worry, I’m sure you can picture a square, white linen, embroidered, vintage tablecloth! I used a top that my girl already has as a pattern, it was a bit of a risk but it worked thankfully. 

It was a speedy little project and satisfying to. The tablecloth was £1.99 in the charity shop, so cheap when you think of the time that someone took to embroider it.

Thank you to Karen for giving me a worthy little project to see the summer out, and if you didn’t take part I think you can still donate here!

Well, I’m off to pack my newly adult child a huge bag for his latest adventure. I wonder if he’ll notice if I slip in a copy of Where the Wild Things Are …


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5 responses to “Bedtime stories and an old tablecloth …

  1. scruffybadger

    Oh Amy it’s lovely! I think you’ve made an heirloom there! Of course we recognise the tablecloth that it used to be, but you’ve totally transformed it and I bet there are generations who have never seen anything like this in its former glory. Such a gorgeous way to retain all that stitchery.

  2. This is exquisite. So pretty, bet you were nervous cutting into such beautiful stitching.

  3. What a perfect way to translate vintage items into something more useable for today. Such pretty stitching, it’s a shame such a low value is attributed to skills like this, but brilliant that you made such a lovely top out of it:)

  4. Beautiful! Your grandkids will treasure this one 🙂

  5. A beautiful find and transformation!

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