Dexy’s delight …

Summer 1987, Sheerness market. Luckily, as far as I’m aware, there is no photographic evidence, but that is where I bought my first pair of dungarees and my goodness, I loved them. Teamed with my Doc Martins, scrunch-dried hair, stripy t-shirt and matching boyfriend, we were the Dexy’s Midnight Runners of Kent. Not. Who wears the same clothes as their boyfriend for heavens sake?

Now, well into my forties I find myself (minus the boyfriend) drawn to dungarees once more (stripy t-shirts were never a phase, more a necessity). I didn’t know how much I needed them until I made them!

These are Marilla Walker’s dungarees from her Roberts collection, how could I resist? I made a size 3 which I thought would be too big but it seems my hips, tum and bum are embracing the whole pre-menopausal ‘inflatables’ party, so these are just right.

Perhaps I could take them in a little, but comfort is so important when you get to my age (I’ll be making elasticated waist crimplene slacks next week)!

I actually love these. Comfort aside, they are great to make and the pattern has so many options (the jumpsuit is cut out and ready to sew and there will definitely be a dress too).

My denim was a remnant from a shop in Dorking (a bargain at £3.95) and I lined the bib and pockets with a pretty, floral, charity shop find. 

Jimmy says they make me look “playful”. I’m not sure what that means but I like it …


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15 responses to “Dexy’s delight …

  1. They look great!!! Skip the elasticated waist crimplene slacks tho!

  2. I think they really suit you. I’m not far from Dorking. Tell me the shop you bought the denim! A real bargain 🙂

    • Hi there Rebekah, I don’t know the name of the shop but it was heading away from town past the bike shop. There’s a cafe downstairs with antiques/ second hand bits and pieces and upstairs more vintage gems with a sewing/ fabric area beyond. A mix of old and new, very tempting to spend!

  3. Double excitement! Firstly great to see a post from you on this fine morning and then to see my pattern!!! Like you I am well up for anything comfortable on my body these days. Once you start dressing for comfort it’s hard to stop! I love that it makes you feel all dexy’s. Feel like I need to dance now! Xxx

  4. Love these! I shall be singing Come On Eileen all day… Finally I could resist no longer and have purchased the pattern – I think I shall attempt the jumpsuit first I think.

  5. Hello, hello, I’ve missed you! I also bought my first pair of dungarees in 1987 – at Afflecks Palace in Manchester, I need to check if there’s any photographic evidence though! You look absolutely fab! x

  6. Welcome back! Nice dungerees…. I keep thinking about dungerees but am unsure how flattering they might be!

  7. Julia

    Happy days your back again – dungarees are soooooo cool 😎

  8. I remember my first pair – pink tie dyed ones worn on the sea front in Weston-Super-mare after my O-levels in 1984! If they’re back in fashion I can’t WAIT to have another pair!

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