Jumpsuit for joy (despite the news) …

I have made a jumpsuit, and what a lovely jumpsuit it is too ( if I say so myself) …

This is my Marilla Walker jumpsuit following on from my dungarees, this time in a cool, floppy, viscose, just right for warmer weather (let’s ignore the rain).

This is such a great pattern and I had no problems putting it together. My only stumbling block (and this is entirely my fault) was that I totally messed up my button holes. Ooh there was a little swearing and yes, maybe these did end up in the bin for a day or two before I resolved the issue with a bit of (bad) darning and a handful of poppers. 

What a mess. I guess that from a distance, it doesn’t show, so I can live with it. And, if I hadn’t messed up, I wouldn’t have discovered the beauty of poppers. Not since the days of baby-grows have I encountered poppers. The joy! 

In truth, my sewing machine needs a service as its ability to do decent buttonholes has been in question for a long time. I must sort it out soon, before the machine man is inundated with school machines for the summer!

As you can see, I added a belt just to add a bit of shape, though from looking at the above photo, I must remember not to pull on my pockets or the bum looks a bit tight!

On another note I found a photo! No dungarees but even better, a jumpsuit! Brace yourself, it’s a shocker …

How long are my arms?! The jumpsuit is fabulous, a Mum-made copy of one I’d spotted in a catalogue (such a clever Mum!). This must be 1978 or there abouts and let’s just not mention the hair if you don’t mind. 

Not much changes does it? A photo of a home-made jumpsuit in front of lush foliage and a dislike of looking directly at the camera. Happy days! 


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5 responses to “Jumpsuit for joy (despite the news) …

  1. Ha ha – love the last photo! I have too many bad memories of jumpsuits/dungarees in the 70s to face owning one in this day and age. I still like them on other people though, yours being no exception. And the messed up buttonholes don’t even notice:)

  2. Lovely! Don’t mention the button holes – no one will notice!

  3. Love the jumpsuit! I think a drapey viscose and slim waist tie are the way to go… and make this one so very different from the 1970s Mummy-make

  4. Nicola

    I really like your new jumpsuit (and your dungarees too), so uplifting and pretty. I imagine it’s a bit like a dress in the sense it’s everything you need for an outfit, bar shoes etc, of course, but easy to get dressed! Looks comfy too 😄

  5. Teresa Greenwood

    Your blog posts are always so entertaining. I love your jumpsuit and all your makes


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