Big collars and frilly yokes …

I have been sewing! 

Not your everyday ‘ooh I think I’ll just run up a ball gown for the fast approaching Christmas works do’ kind of sewing, but sewing nonetheless.

My usually very shy, graphic designer friends and me break out of our shells each Christmas and do our annual piece of marketing … in the shape of a Christmas card. We’ve been doing this for fifteen of our sixteen years together and you can see them all here if you fancy a little giggle.

This year, I ‘made’ our outfits. It involved four identical shirts from the supermarket sale, a curtain from the charity shop and a bag full of lace and ribbon from the local haberdashery shop. I was in heaven!

Big collars and frilly yokes were flavour of the day and using the same fabrics united the shirts giving us the whole ‘one weird family’ look we were after.

Being for a photo shoot, I didn’t have to worry too much about the neatness of my sewing, as long as it looked good on film, it would be okay.

We send out a huge pile of cards each year to all our clients and a few extra too, including the Queen (we even get a thank you letter from Liz, exciting!). Do you remember getting the school photo in a plastic bag with a key ring for grandma? Well, that’s kind of what this was about, just a little freakier. It’s gone down well so far …

Merry Christmas! x


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3 responses to “Big collars and frilly yokes …

  1. Excellent idea! I’m impressed you make it all and don’t just photoshop everything. I’ll definitely have a look at the previous years.

  2. Nicola

    Oh this is lovely, hilarious and such fun. Yes, I did have a giggle and it must have been good to sew with a bit of abandonment for a change – although all the outfits do appear to fit rather nicely…..a very stylish family! And impressive corresponding with the Queen 👸🏽

  3. Fab outfits and the wigs are awesome. This is the best card ever!

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