It’s hip to be unsquare …

Not a great deal of sewing has been going on lately I’m sorry to say. There are a few patterns out there that I’d love to spend time on, but generally life has taken over …

I can however show you the superbly unsquare, right angle-free, cosy patchwork quilt I made for my boy when he left for university. 

My girl and I made one here before she set off to study up north, so it seemed only right to make one for him too. It looks terribly wobbly here. Ok, it is terribly wobbly. Never mind, he loves it all the same.

Over the years Jimmy has accumulated quite a few Howies shirts and literally worn them to death. In the spirit of recycling (which I know Howies are pretty darn keen on), we’ve produced a cosy reminder of home and, along with a bit of his sisters old jim jams and scraps from a dress I made, there is a little bit of all of us in this quilt. 

I’m wondering who I can make a ‘rustic’ patchwork quilt for next (excuse for a dog photo coming up), hmm, there’s always the latest addition to our family of course …

Every rescue pup needs a left overs, Liberty lawn, patchwork quilt … don’t they? 



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8 responses to “It’s hip to be unsquare …

  1. Teresa Greenwood

    I like this quilt for your son very much
    It doesn’t look wobbly to me and quilts don’t have to be made of straight lines.
    I like the colours and patterns that you have used and the overall effect. Also it is wonderful that the fabrics have already been used and loved by the family. It is an important and significant event when children go to university. It is a beautiful quilt for your son.
    I have enjoyed reading all of your posts . Please keep them coming.

  2. Ha ha! My dogs have a beautifully crocheted blanket in their bed, so why not a patchwork Liberty one for yours?!! Love the idea of a memory quilt like this. He’ll treasure it always, I’m sure.

  3. A gorgeous quilt for your son to take with him to university… Look forward to seeing the sweet pup’s blanket. I finally finished P’s patchwork quilt for his tenth birthday. Possibly I have been planning it since he was four!

  4. Love it, I think the rustic nature of those squares makes it look even more cosy and loved.

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