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Time for a quick make?

I have been busy, busy with my machine this past week. Not only have I sorted out the annoyingly mis-placed darts in my Peony and made a little gingham Violet but I have also squeezed in another cheeky Sorbetto!



I used the little bit of gingham I had left over from the Violet, some vintage ribbon and contrasting bias binding. It’s perfect with my little green cardi and jeans and took no time at all to make.

Other news, the two most lovely boys men in my life (my 14 year old has definitely grown up in the last three weeks!) have completed 1145 miles on their bikes and raised lots of money for Action Duchenne in the process. I am driving up to York this evening to meet them and I am so excited! You can read about their adventure here if you’d like to.

Finally, after just over three weeks of stillness, I will have everyone back in the nest again by Sunday night and perhaps I’ll be able to sleep again!

Hope you are having a creative, sunny weekend too x



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Violet dreams …

If the rumours are true, it is about to get very hot here in Blighty (about time too). I have had enough of being indoors, sorting and organising, hoovering and ironing. I want to be in a deckchair in the shade of the tree reading silly love stories and drinking large small quantities of red wine …

In the meantime, I am cutting out the fabric for Colette’s Violet. I’ve traced the pattern onto grease proof paper which is working very nicely, and neatly piling up the fabric pieces as I cut them. I’m imagining an entire day devoted to sewing tomorrow and feel quite organised for the first time ever in my life as as sewer!

While I play, Jimmy and youngest teen continue their adventure on their bicycles. They are in Scotland now. I cannot believe how far they have travelled and am very excited that this time next week they’ll reach John o’ Groats. They have met some amazing, generous people on their way (they are cycling for Action Duchenne with no back up and only a small saddle bag each) and well, to say I am proud isn’t really enough. Youngest teen is 14 and his determination to complete the ride is amazing.

Eldest teen and I have enjoyed receiving postcards from each day of their trip, tales of cold, wet, unseasonal weather and the lovely people they’ve encountered so far.

OK, off to iron on some interfacing (I’m so organised I could weep) and maybe wind a bobbin in readiness! Have a lovely weekend. x

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Distraction technique …

My boy and Jimmy left on Saturday for a wonderful adventure (man and his boy), to cycle Lands End to John o’ Groats in 20 days. I know it’s a wonderful thing to do and I am so proud of them both (they are raising money for Action Duchenne)  … But I miss them so much!

I’m trying to keep busy and even though I know I have some good sewing projects to be getting on with, I am still in that ‘wallow in a little bit of self pity, eat sweets and watch Wallander’ kind of mood and can’t really get started on anything. Mind you, I have been cleaning and the cupboard under the kitchen sink is sparkling!

Oh well, the sewing will happen. In the meantime, I took my girl to the V&A yesterday. Excuse the terrible photos, my mind was on other things! Anyway, we floated around the fashion section in awe of the tiniest shoes and corsets and then met my brother and nieces to stock up on some love and hugs. We then all made our way to The National Gallery where we admired the Monets and drank afternoon tea. Just what we needed to distract us from the terrible rain in Cornwall and my boys pedalling through the floods!


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