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Fabric finds on Friday …

My charity shop shopping history goes back a long way …

1st September 1984

… Almost school, still done no homework. Today last minute decision, we went to town. Market – nothing. Spastics Society – bought a white blouse with lace collar and a lovely top with 3/4 sleeves from Chelsea Girl originally! It’s silk and acrylic. Then went to Oxfam and got a grey shirt (Miss Selfridge, an expensive shop) and a school bag. Great day out! Off to wash my hair, why is it always so greasy? …

So, greasy hair aside (that is mostly no longer an issue, thankfully), you can see I have always loved charity shop shopping. I don’t remember the bag but the clothes were gems and I can still feel the thrill of finding them. I don’t get that feeling so often these days, there are plenty of shops but they are full to the brim of cheap supermarket clothes and I often feel disappointed that the treasures are few and far between and the prices (dare I say it?) are a bit high.

Until …


There is a new charity shop warehouse in town and I cannot contain myself. It sells all the things that the charity shop tried and failed to sell. I find this astounding because look at those fabrics! Barkcloth, cotton and the white pieces are pure cotton sheets, still with the labels and tied in ribbon!


This barkcloth is making my heart skip a beat and there’s at least 4 metres of it! I know!


Then there’s this …


A double duvet which I’m happy to report has washed very well and is waiting in the wings for a project (or bed). Then there was this…


I’m still grinning with the thrill of my finds, I think I have about 12 metres of fabric here (not including the sheets)! How much did you say? Well, ALL clothing a pound a piece, all linen, a pound a piece. I spent £7 and you can’t get much better than that! Jimmy is mortified and is putting in plans to get me banned.

Have a lovely weekend.


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Old bag …

Me Made June is over. I wouldn’t say I failed, but I did struggle. Actually, I’m really pleased I came across it on Zoe’s blog. I wore clothes that I truly believe would still be at the back of the wardrobe if it weren’t for the challenge. I really thought about what I was wearing and appreciated what I’d made, seeing things in a whole new light. Towards the end, I did wear my jacket a lot and then I made my ‘old bag‘ (see below) and that helped a whole heap! The great thing is, I am altering pieces that I made that weren’t quite right and now I will really take my time when I make something rather than rush into it (I’m too eager to finish sometimes). I also really enjoyed looking at how other sewers were getting on and discovered new inspiring blogs, so all in all, success, thank you Zoe!

I enjoyed making my bag from the barkcloth curtain I bought recently. It’s lined in yellow gingham with red vintage buttons on one side and green on the other plus a bit of pink ric rac for good measure!

Had a lovely weekend, a trip to Giffords Circus on Saturday with family and a walk around Brill Hill on Sunday. Giffords blows me away each year with their story telling (War and Peace this year), costumes, performers and music. I never liked the circus as a child, but this is different …

Go and see them if you can!

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Birthday blues and barkcloth bargain …

Well, I am another year older. I don’t mind because I’m in the even numbers again and 4 and 2 (yes, I was forty two) add up to 6 which is my favourite number, how ridiculous is that?! On Monday it was my birthday, I meant to leave a blog, but it was all a bit quick and I felt a bit blue so it didn’t happen.

It was a lovely day, a trip by Jimmy and me to the Cotswolds, late lunch at home and a quiet evening with the teens. I don’t know why I feel blue about it, even the sun came out and that rarely happens on the 20th June (it’s a family joke that it always rains on my birthday)! My present from Jimmy wasn’t delivered, in fact he’s a bit frustrated about it. I won’t name the company but it’s a satchel and it’s from Cambridge. Despite ordering it 3 weeks ago he’s had no luck in finding out when it will come and they’ve not been very helpful (not replied to his email and a touch unhelpful on the phone). It’s a shame because they sound a really nice company, who seem to have been surprised by their success but really communication and a smile can go a long long way in making a customer feel better. In their defense, they do say they hope to deliver within 30 days but try to get it out sooner, so perhaps we should just be patient but an email explaining the delay or an update of some kind would be really nice.

Oh well, today after work I found this barkcloth curtain in The Heart Foundation (£3.99). It’s on the line drying after a gentle cycle with Ecover for delicates. I’m delighted!

Just have to decide what to do with it now …

Me Made June still going well, update tomorrow.


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