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Hiding from Hazel …

Let’s not talk about the Hazel dress … not just yet anyway.

On a brighter note,  I wore my Sorbetto in the sunshine today!

Goodness, what on earth am I doing with my hands? I’m obviously trying to look cool whilst hiding my face and it’s just not working! Oh well, it’s all about the top and I’m very pleased with it. I will definitely make another but maybe a size smaller next time as unlike Dotty Spotty, this one’s a tiny bit boxy. I still have to make one for eldest teen and a new improved version for Lovely Linda who I have decided will not be receiving this one after all!

Have a lovely weekend x

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A Hazel nut makes progress … part 1

Spurred on by my enjoyment in making the Sorbetto top, I have started to put together a toile for the Hazel dress. It is meant to be easy so why is it driving me nuts? This is day one and I’m struggling with the size of the bodice already …

After yesterdays post, I have changed my mind about tracing patterns, it is a good thing after all! I have made up a toile only to discover that it’s too big across the back (I think my back is quite narrow), the bust fits well but there’s too much fabric at the back and the side seams are in the wrong place. This is from a size 4 which I cut because although my bust is 34″ (which would mean I am a size 2), my waist is 27″ which is size 4. This isn’t as simple as it should be!

Back to the drawing board. I will cut out a toile for the bodice in size 2 and see if that’s better. I don’t think I’ll alter the skirt as I can just add some more gathers to make it fit. Thank goodness I didn’t just plough on ahead and cut out my fabric for this or I’d be in tears by now!

I have also realised that a proper dress form would be helpful. This poor thing has to lean against a wall and falls over at most unhelpful moments like she’s constantly plastered! Part two soon … hopefully.


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To give or not to give …

In the past week I have finished another (I can’t stop myself!) Sorbetto and received a parcel with fabric to start the next pattern in my pile, the Colette Hazel dress. The new Sorbetto is meant to be a birthday gift for my lovely friend Linda, only I’m slightly worried that a) it will be a bit too big for her and b) that it looks like a pyjama top with missing bottoms. This might be because I made the piping from an old duvet cover (many metres of fabric for a couple of pounds!), so I’m not sure whether to pass it on or not. If you’re thinking to yourself ‘That’s not a Sorbetto!’ you are wrong, it is, honest.

I made it from a men’s shirt that I found in a charity shop for £1.50. It was in perfect condition and I like to imaging some lovely lady buying it for her husband who (out of touch with his feminine side) decides he will NOT wear lilac and voila … it becomes mine! All I did was cut the pattern without the fold at the front, kept the button band and changed the buttons. The sleeves are the original but of course I cut them to the correct shape, inserted them into the new arm holes and added a few gathers. I will let you know if Linda likes it when I see her in June … if I give it to her!

As for my parcel, how sweet is this?

I’ve had such a job trying to find affordable fabrics, I could spend hours trawling the internet (and often do) when I should be being creative. Anyway, last week I finally made a purchase on Clothkits and two beautifully wrapped parcels arrived at the office on Thursday. The orange and pink paper bags made my day (I’m very easily pleased), one contained the stripy fabric I intend to use for the Hazel dress and the other is a (not so interesting) foot for my machine. Look at the sticker it’s so lovely!

So, today while my teens revise (I hate exam season almost as much as they do) and my husband shows youngest teen the beauty of  drawing mind maps, I have been tracing my Colette pattern and wondering why. I’ve done it now, but I don’t think I’ll do it again!

The fabric does feel very fine and so I think to avoid any embarrassing mishaps I will have to line it (something I’ve never done before). Anyway, I will make a start and keep posting my progress … or shall I just make another Sorbetto?

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