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The end of May … phew!

Me Made May draws to a close today and although I totally love the concept (thank you Zoe), I have to admit, I am a little more than relieved that it’s almost over …

Despite being very good at not photographing my efforts and the odd “didn’t you have that on yesterday?”, I’m very pleased to report that I managed to wear one home made item five days a week (I pledged that I would wear at least three, so that’s a positive!). I also attempted to make some trousers (another part of my pledge) and after a lengthy battle that threatened my relationship with my brain (such a puzzle), I gave up, so that’s a fail (… it’s fine, honestly and thank you so much for the encouraging comments on my last post!).

What did I learn? Don’t attempt trousers when you are busy and stressed for a start (the pattern and bits of fabric are now shoved in a carrier at the back of a cupboard). I also realised very quickly that I relied heavily on certain items to get me out of a MMM hole. I recorded everything I wore in my notebook but to be honest, I bored myself with the amount of times I wore a Sorbetto, so I shan’t inflict anymore of the list on you. In fact my outfits revolved around three dresses, five tops and this skirt that I forgot to take a picture of! A multitude of cardi’s helped with variety, but ooh, can you see why I struggled?


Losers? My denim Hollyburn is lovely but not with tights and so, frustratingly it hasn’t been worn yet (the English weather!), so a winner really, just not in May. The real losers in fact, were all the cheap fabric makes, my Mathilde being the biggest culprit, I tried to wear it at least once a week but took it off again straight away. I just can’t get comfy in this version (so clingy), I will have to make another in cotton to do the pattern justice.

Winners? The Sorbettos, Laurel top and Violet (thank you Colette) because they suited me and I could wear them with jeans and throw on a cardigan and really didn’t have to give much time or thought to my outfits (quite handy when I’m busy). My Laurel dress also had its share of wear on chilly days with tights and boots.

In conclusion? MMM ’13 was a bit of a struggle for me, but I’m really pleased I had a go. Yes, I am a bit bored  with the repeat appearances of certain tops. Yes, I could do with a few ‘basics’, the Renfrew is going to be a birthday request I think (you’ll see I’ve linked it just in case Jimmy is reading this). Yes, I have far too many polka dot items (is that possible?) and yes, I need to buy some lovely Liberty cotton (I’m shameless, hello Jimmy). But, and here’s the thing, it’s given me an appreciation of the things I’ve made that do work and most importantly …

… a desire to make lots more.

Have a nice weekend! x



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Time for a quick make?

I have been busy, busy with my machine this past week. Not only have I sorted out the annoyingly mis-placed darts in my Peony and made a little gingham Violet but I have also squeezed in another cheeky Sorbetto!



I used the little bit of gingham I had left over from the Violet, some vintage ribbon and contrasting bias binding. It’s perfect with my little green cardi and jeans and took no time at all to make.

Other news, the two most lovely boys men in my life (my 14 year old has definitely grown up in the last three weeks!) have completed 1145 miles on their bikes and raised lots of money for Action Duchenne in the process. I am driving up to York this evening to meet them and I am so excited! You can read about their adventure here if you’d like to.

Finally, after just over three weeks of stillness, I will have everyone back in the nest again by Sunday night and perhaps I’ll be able to sleep again!

Hope you are having a creative, sunny weekend too x



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Gingham Violet and a bit more Peony …

It is Wednesday, or ‘hump day’ as an old work colleague used to call it. Of course she meant that you make it to the middle of the week and once you’re over it, it’s plain sailing to the weekend, hooray! I get my girl home tomorrow. She has been away for 5 days, studying at Cambridge on a scheme to encourage teenagers to apply this coming Autumn. I think she’s enjoying it, it sounds very interesting, there’s not been a great deal of contact but that’s probably a good sign! Then, on Saturday, once my girl has finished work, we’ll drive up to York where we’ll be reunited with the boys and I can not wait! Finally we will all be back together and normality can resume.

I haven’t quite got round to starting my Sew Yourself a Summer project (though there’s still time) in Jimmy’s absence, but I have been busy …

Ignore the slightly wonky button hole (it doesn’t show, honest!) …


I’m quite pleased to have finished the Violet and it looks nice on, although I can’t show you that as I’m all alone (have I mentioned that?!) so there’s no fashion photographer on hand today.

I quite like it! I’ve enjoyed the process of fitting the pieces together and learning once again from some silly little mistakes. I think next time I would make the collar a little smaller, but I don’t mind the boxy shape that some people have mentioned. I love the gingham but I’d also like to make it in a plain fabric, maybe a crepe, nice and floppy and maybe add a smidgen to the length.

In this beautiful weather I’ve been wearing some older makes too, my Summer Skirt from last year and my  Liberty Dress. I made these up as I went along and it’s funny how in a relatively sort time I can look at them now and think ‘well I wouldn’t do it like that anymore’!

I also wore my Peony dress on Monday and did a spot of shopping in Oxford. All day I was a right fidget bottom, those blooming darts. I don’t know how I hadn’t noticed before but I was constantly pulling the dress back into place and swearing I would never wear it again! But, this morning I patiently unpicked myFrench seams (sigh) and shifted the darts down a bit and it’s worked! It’s now very comfortable, how satisfying is that?!

This photo was taken before the alteration and I know it doesn’t look like it but I do have eyes!

I do have quite an important secret sewing project to get on with, but I’m also getting ideas for a new Sorbetto … stop me someone!


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Violet dreams …

If the rumours are true, it is about to get very hot here in Blighty (about time too). I have had enough of being indoors, sorting and organising, hoovering and ironing. I want to be in a deckchair in the shade of the tree reading silly love stories and drinking large small quantities of red wine …

In the meantime, I am cutting out the fabric for Colette’s Violet. I’ve traced the pattern onto grease proof paper which is working very nicely, and neatly piling up the fabric pieces as I cut them. I’m imagining an entire day devoted to sewing tomorrow and feel quite organised for the first time ever in my life as as sewer!

While I play, Jimmy and youngest teen continue their adventure on their bicycles. They are in Scotland now. I cannot believe how far they have travelled and am very excited that this time next week they’ll reach John o’ Groats. They have met some amazing, generous people on their way (they are cycling for Action Duchenne with no back up and only a small saddle bag each) and well, to say I am proud isn’t really enough. Youngest teen is 14 and his determination to complete the ride is amazing.

Eldest teen and I have enjoyed receiving postcards from each day of their trip, tales of cold, wet, unseasonal weather and the lovely people they’ve encountered so far.

OK, off to iron on some interfacing (I’m so organised I could weep) and maybe wind a bobbin in readiness! Have a lovely weekend. x

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