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No excuses …

Happy New Year! I have no excuses for my absence or lack of sewing, just a head full of silly stuff that has pushed all the lovely stuff into a tiny corner. I read in a magazine this week (yes, I have time to read magazines?!) that “a thought can only take up as much space in your head as you allow it to” (Pause Button Therapy by Martin and Marion Shirran, perhaps I should buy the book?). The idea being that by simply repeating this mantra stops your brain from allowing the thought to build up out of all proportion, magic!


Any old how, Christmas and the run up to it, as for everyone, was hectic. We went to Wales for the New Year which was heavenly. Beautiful landscapes, long walks in the fresh air and plenty of farm animals to entertain, all good for the sole.

As I have no projects on the go, I should show you what my mum made me for Christmas …


Two crochet flower corsages and two pairs of fingerless gloves (the photo does not do these justice) which are very useful when typing in the cold (Oh dear, I’ve just noticed the dog hairs on the teal gloves curtesy of the sheep dog where we stayed)!

I treated myself to two new books on a boxing day walk through town. The Works had Dottie Angel’s Granny Chic for £5.99 which was a pleasant surprise and the much blogged about Sew U Home Stretch also £5.99. I am now itching for a caravan with crochet blankets galore and a vintage curtained area for an overlocker so I can make a knitted fabric based capsule wardrobe!


I have also just purchased two new patterns (everything in twos), the Colette Jasmine blouse which I have needed for some time and the new Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt which looks like it may make my bottom look massive but I’m going to try it anyway!

I do have lots of things in mind to make which I will mention here just for my own reference. I must not forget the new Negroni shirt I have planned for Jimmy (a belated anniversary gift, he’s been so patient). The Ginger skirt that is now downloadable from Colette (as are Jasmine and Crepe, exciting!) and a dress which I’m hoping to recreate from memory using a mixture of patterns I already own (it could of course go horribly wrong). It was a vintage, velvet delight that I saw in Summertown just before Christmas. I stupidly told myself that I didn’t need it and even as I left the shop I knew I was making a mistake. The fact it didn’t have a price tag is why I hesitated, but I so regret not asking. Anyway, it’s gone now so I’ll never know! Perhaps I’ll recreate it, and my version won’t have the little hole in the sleeve or the musty smell …

As a final thought, I am working with an illustrator at the moment (in my day job) who is driving me mental with his fluffiness at not meeting deadlines, honestly you wouldn’t believe the excuses he comes out with in his emails  for not actually doing what he should be doing. It has occurred to me that maybe, just maybe I could possibly be his sewing equivalent? Oh Lordy! Just a thought, but I don’t like it …

I’ll be back x


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Wet woollens …

Oh dear, no sewing to report I’m afraid (unless you count sewing a button back on a shirt?). The usual suspects (teenagers and work) have been higher on my list of priorities lately, but I’m going to make sure I have some sewing time very soon.

Meanwhile, I have managed to crochet a granny square or two (honestly it takes me an age!) …

I found the wool (and the bag, but not together) in a charity shop a couple of years ago and my mum showed me the path to crochet happiness that Christmas with a gift of a crochet hook and some beautiful hand drawn instructions.

She had such hopes for me, oh dear! I have seven ‘squarish’ squares made with various degrees of success over the last two years … yes you heard me right (the shame). My excuse? I do struggle a bit because I only have to think about wool (honestly) and my hands break into a sweat.

In an ideal world I would be casting on along with the very talented Roobeedo and Kerry, but my career ended before it even began in 1981 with a rather dashing knitted tie made for my dad. It was a complete disaster, my wool got so wet it glued to the needles, I persevered and although he never wore the twisted, wobbly strip of sadness he does still keep it in his sock drawer. Now in my forties I have accepted that I’m not going to grow out of this sweaty hand syndrome (wool is a definite trigger) and knitting cannot be my thing, but crochet is a manageable compromise and I love it, so it’s not all bad!

I think I could probably manage a cushion cover …  a small one anyway!


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Beautiful buttons …

A quick post before I head off north in the direction of the sleet and snow to say thank you for the get well wishes! I am such a wimp, it was just a cold but lovely to have such cheery comments on my skirt so thank you!

In a last minute sewing fevered frenzy, I have sewn some gorgeous buttons from my button box onto my skirt (they finish the pockets off nicely, thank you for the encouragement Jane!).

… and made myself a little ‘going out’ top which I will blog about on my return.

Anyway, it’s the half term holidays and I will go and pop the cover on my machine and escape to the country, right where’s my crochet?

Toodle pips x


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Here I am …

My goodness, I’m feeling guilty about not writing this blog. I feel like I can’t write anything of any interest at the moment. I’m not sewing or making anything much and since the summer holidays of relaxed, amazing calmness, it’s all back to normal (gosh, the summer was a long time ago). Normal is good, but I just feel so uninspired and tired all the time.

This past couple of months, I have found my bag of crochet that I started almost two years ago. I tried to get started again but have completely forgotten how to do it! I will have to do a youtube search…

I have ordered some lovely fabric from Get Cutie in Brighton for a little project and it is sitting in a bag waiting for the day I feel confident enough to cut into it.

And… I have looked at lots of lovely blogs and instead of feeling inspired I just feel a bit jealous! It’s all down to me I know. I have to pick myself up and stop feeling sorry for myself. Is this a mid life crisis?

But, I have started doing some exercise and that makes me feel better. I have started to look at my lovely teens and realise that it is a good thing that they no longer need my constant attention (I miss their ‘small’ days so, so much) and I do know I am extremely lucky with the life I have and should ‘snap out of it’ as my dad would say.

So, I will try and start writing this blog on a more regular basis and hopefully the creative streak will rise again.

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