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Shopping is nice …

I’ve been shopping.

I didn’t mean to … but I had such a nice time! Jimmy and I went into Oxford for the day on Saturday, primarily to get him some new glasses but I had a sneaky peek in some shops whilst there. Oxford is our closest shopping town and it’s usually a hop and a skip away on the train for a bargain £2.20 return for the both of us. On Saturday we had to go in the car to take the youngest teen to his Duke of Edinburgh camp, then we did park and ride, not as scenic, but nice and simple. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Any concerns about said teen staying away, getting too cold, too hot, hungry or sick, were quickly forgotten as we sped towards the city centre with grins that only parents released of responsibility know of.

I do love shopping, but I have been more conscious recently of what I actually need rather than what takes my fancy. I think I did quite well in putting back several (it is the sales) items that before I wouldn’t hesitate to just buy. I felt very pleased with myself, I must confess that I did buy a couple of things though …  Jimmy got me some PJs from Toast that I have been coveting since the catalogue came through the door in February (a consolation birthday gift as the satchel is STILL in hiding!) and some lace from Darn and Stitch It, a fantastic little shop in Blue Boar Street (I could stay in there all day and be perfectly content), and an orange cardigan from Zara (I was going to keep quiet about that purchase but honesty is the best and all that). We had a lovely lunch at Modern Art Oxford and at the end of the day picked up a smart new pair of glasses for Jimmy … very handsome.

MMJ is going OK, although I’m pinning my hopes of more success in the next challenge! I have been keeping it up most days, but failed on a couple too. But, with just a few days left, I feel really happy that this challenge has made me look at my sewing habits so closely and it has certainly given my wardrobe a shake up.

Today I wore my re-fashioned 70s dress. This was floor length with a white lace bib and long sleeves before I took my scissors to it!

Oh alright, I just bought a top and t shirt from Fashion Conscience too (that’s surely not a bad thing). Now will someone please stop me!

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