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Anyone seen my brain? …

The sun is out! This is definitely the sort of weather for making myself a nice, fresh, summery Airelle top …



IMG_3163I love this pattern and couldn’t wait to get started on this version (here is my first). The cotton was £1 from my charity shop hoard and I had the ric rac and buttons (yes I added buttons!) in my cupboard. It was such a pleasure to sew …

IMG_3164I’d been hoping to make a sleeveless version but there was a lot of bra on show (not good) so I went for some short sleeves and shaped them with a little pleat and added my vintage buttons. Look no collar!

IMG_3165Oh it’s sweet and just what I wanted, I love this pattern … hmm, hang on why is my hem so wonky? What the jeepers …

IMG_3167Oh, I can’t believe it. What on earth was I blooming thinking? Did you know I’m a graphic designer? No? I don’t think I should be anymore, I work in straight lines for goodness sake! Blimey if my Pilates mat isn’t lined up with the lines of the carpet I have to hold the class up while I readjust things and don’t get me started on wonky pictures on walls!

I admit I cannot wear this and having sewn it up with my overlocker, I’m not about to save it either (impossibly skew!). That night wasn’t a good one for my family. Jimmy and youngest teen have scuttled off on their bikes to France (there’s some kind of race on apparently) but I think I’m over it now. Amazing what a huge bar of Galaxy and a g&t can do for ones hurt pride.

Don’t worry, I have enough fabric to try again and I believe I’m ready now … in the meantime would you mind keeping this little blunder to yourselves? Thank you!




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Sunshine, sandals and sewing …

Not a lot of sewing going on here, work, work, work and a mini (Guinness fuelled) trip to County Wicklow have sort of taken over lately. Let’s not mention the missed flight and tears in the airport toilets (I was knackered and a plonker), I got home in the end, that’s all that matters!

So, rather than disappear completely, I thought I’d show you what my lovely girl made me for my birthday (I know it was weeks ago but I like to drag these occasions out) and it is sewing related …


A sewing box covered with old patterns and filled with goodies (which are removed so that you can see the lovely insides) …


Let’s not focus on the fact that she tore up vintage patterns (not mine thankfully but ones left over from her art project) to make this brilliant box … She’s an artist (and a treasure)!

I can also reveal my birthday sandals which I LOVE …


You may well have a few pairs of these in your hallway? Your five year old lives in them and your eight year old won’t be seen dead in them unless they need to paddle? I know, I know, they are designed for kids, but I love these sandals! Toast sell them in adult sizes (hallelujah!) but mine were purchased from here. Sod the fact they look a bit sensible, I’m forty four now and so long as they are comfy and red, I don’t care!

Back to sewing, I am about to cut out another Airelle, a sleeveless version this time in a summery cotton. I am also edging closer to a Cambie (I have the ingredients, I just need to find the time it deserves) and I also have the new Colette Hawthorne (thanks to my lovely sister-in-law, hello Clare!) to look forward to, so I should be busy for a little while.

For now though, the sun is shining and I need to find a rockpool so I can test my super sandals! Have a lovely, sunny weekend x



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