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Don’t drink and sew …

Well, the jubilee celebrations are over, the bunting has come down and all is still … Except for me and my machine, we’ve been whizzing away and stitching together my Peony dress at every opportunity.

While Grace Jones and her oiled up body, hula hooped for the entire rendition of Slave to the Rhythm (I’m talking about the jubilee concert here), I was watching transfixed but at the same time thinking of my dress. Is the bodice too long, is my fabric too young and I couldn’t wait to sew my skirt together. So, after the 64 year old had shamed me enough with my limited hip action and slightly dry skin, I energetically ran back to my machine and sewed away. I should mention here that I’d had a couple of glasses of vino and felt like a professional dressmaker. I was creating a dress that Coletterie would love and showcase just because of the sheer quality and craftsmanship.

I promptly sewed the wrong side to the right side of the skirt …

And decided ric rac would look good on the sleeves. I’m the first to love ric rac but for the life of me why? I am not six.

OK, off to Yorkshire for a couple of days and may buy a hula hoop while I’m there! so long for now, the Peony will have to wait.

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