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Two hours to paradise…

My heart is racing just writing this post such is the extent of my excitement. My fingers and toes are tingling as I picture in my head the feasts of fabric I saw yesterday as finally, yes finally, I made it to …

Walthamstow Market!

Many thanks to Karen for her post with a very handy map, as you can see I took it with me, along with a list of things I needed to look for in an (failed) attempt to be organised and sensible! Jimmy and his much loved Holga camera came with me for moral support (and to help me carry my bags as it turned out) and stood patiently outside each shop while I almost wept with happiness as I stroked each bolt of fabric I passed! Jimmy was happy that I was happy but I can see why it’s good to go with other sewists. A much loved partner can only grin and nod so much when their other half is skipping up and down with wide eyes saying “Oh My God!” every few seconds.

Any old how, down to business, what did I buy …

Quite a lot as it happens! Sixteen metres (oh!) of various fabrics and eight metres of satin bias binding. My most expensive purchase was an £8 per metre cotton print from Saeed Fabrics (Liberty apparently, or did she say Laura Ashley?)

… and all the others were £1.50 to £2.50 per metre, with bias binding at only 25p per metre. Happy? Yes I am thank you very much.

So happy that I got up early and washed it all! It’s off the line and in the airing cupboard now, except for the denim and plain teal crepe which is still trying to dry outside.

There’s quite a range isn’t there. I love the floral floppy numbers and the brown textured piece and denim should come in handy, but the leopard print was just too tempting to leave at £1 per metre, a guilty pleasure as I adore it but have up to this point never worn it!

I spent £44 altogether (not including train fair and lunch) and that’s pretty good when I think of the immense pleasure I will get from looking at it making some  lovely clothes from it all. Walthamstow Market was vibrant and exciting just as markets used to be (I loved going to Penge market with my nan when I was little and it reminded me of that), with people laughing and chatting. I would love to go again and maybe meet some fellow bloggers next time so that poor Jimmy can go out on his bike instead.

Please don’t ask me how I hope to use this little lot. Firstly I need to sit down and think long and hard about how greedy I’ve been. Then I can start grinning again and jump up and down with a smug little jig!



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Wooden letters and a camera case …

My lovely Dad has a shed to die for, he has a wood burning stove, and easel, his stained glass collection and so many treasures from years of painting and teaching that you could easily lose a day in there just playing. It’s small but beautiful. Last year, he gave me a box full of vintage printers’ blocks, letters and ampersands all dusty and in need of some tlc. I decided to free them from their box and make a collage. It took a little while, some white spirit and a bit of patience, but I’m pleased with the result. It may just look like a bunch of old letters, but they honestly mean something to me!

I have also made this felt camera case for Jimmy who loves his Holga almost as much as he loves me. It has a button fastening at the back and keeps the old dear snug and safe in his Carradice bike bag!

Off to help my eldest revise for her exams now, already looking forward to the end of June when she will sleep easy and life will be happy again.

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