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The Hazel Dress part 2 …

Oh dear, my Hazel isn’t going according to plan and my blatant inexperience of dress making means I’m not sure why. It seems that a size 2 is also too big, even though I measure a 34 chest, perhaps I have a narrow back or perhaps my sad lady bumps are the wrong shape? I just can’t fathom it!

You might notice that this isn’t my toile. Having (thought I’d) mastered it, I impatiently started on this brand new Ikea duvet cover (still in it’s packaging!) that I found in a charity shop – £5 for a double cover and two pillow cases, 100% cotton, so many projects! (I wisely thought that it wouldn’t be so bad if this went wrong rather than my ruin my somewhat more expensive Clothkits fabric).

So today, despite a long list of other important jobs to do, I am going to unpick this and try again. It’s a shame because I am very happy with other elements of the dress like my pockets, the invisible zip (yes, I know I was silly to put it in before trying it on!!!) and the point at the front of the bodice is rather spot on too.

I’m learning such a lot doing this dress and despite it going a little bit wrong, I’m enjoying the process immensely. The Colette instructions are great and I love having the Coletterie website to refer to for further tutorials (the invisible zip one is very helpful). There’s nothing like a good puzzle to sort out and it’s all experience so I’m remaining positive.

Hopefully I’ll soon be able to post the finished Hazel and fingers crossed this unexpected warm weather will mean I can wear it too!


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A pair of curtains…

Well, it’s taken some time, but I got there in the end. I have managed to progress beyond the thinking about it stage and have actually made a dress from … a pair of curtains.

For the last few weeks I’ve been at home while L and J were off school for the Easter holidays. I think that the sunny weather and various lovely blogs (of which I will credit soon) have inspired me and given me the kick up the backside I needed to get going on a project.

I actually made a different style dress from the curtains last year, an a-line number that did my  figure no favours what so ever!  So, it was banished to the box of bad mistakes but stayed on my mind as unfinished business (I hate to see beautiful fabric wasted) …  A year on it had to come out for another attempt.

This time I enjoyed the challenge (the break did me good perhaps) and despite rather a lot of unpicking of the newly added waist band, some gathers and more darts than I care to mention, I think I got quite a good fit. I didn’t use a pattern, just a bit of patience, but it was quite simple really. I put in an invisible zip on the side seam and a bow at the (slightly big) neckline. I would really have liked pockets as I’m always hiding my hands in them, but ran out of fabric. The waist band is a little bit wobbly, but cleverly disguised with a belt (so don’t look too closely!).

The sun has gone in again now, but when it comes out again I’ll wear it with pride … and just hope no one recognises the fabric as their old curtains!

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