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Itching …

I am at work, so a speedy post while my work buddies get in a quick round of computer golf (coffee time in our office is a 15 minute work free break involving a visit to the virtual green). I am abstaining today, because quite frankly I’m rubbish and always come last!

While they play, I am twitching in my swivel chair and itching to go home and it’s only eleven o’clock. This ‘need’ to go home is a sensation I’ve not felt for ages (well, not sewing related anyway, we all have days when we’d like to run out of the office and hide behind a bush, don’t we?). Today after a period of sewing blues, I am tingling! I want to go home, tidy my sewing room, pop on the radio and get down to some serious stitching. The reason for my excitement? This arrived today …


My outrageously extravagant (and deliciously naughty) purchase of Liberty prints. I hold Tilly completely responsible (it’s easier this way) and am unashamedly copying heavily influenced by her latest make.

Oh heck, golf is done, coffee cup is drained and I must return to work mode … bye bye for now.


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Out with the new and in with the old …

I’m climbing out of my blog free bubble to send my new year greetings!

There is no particular reason for my quietness of late, but it’s been nice to take a break and just sew …

And find things …

Glass buttons from a vintage stall at Gloucester Green Market in Oxford.

photo 5Something that has been on my wish list for many moons, a beautiful, warm, Welsh wool coat complete with the original tickets found in the unworn pockets (from that auction site). To say the family are bored with my frequent “but just look at it!”  exclamations is an understatement … But just look at it!

photo 1photo 4photo 3And a little ‘doing up’ project for the New Year. Jimmy and I found this in a bin on our way home from work one night …

photo 6And for Christmas I got what every woman needs …

photoA bakerlite, pale green wool holder (and some ‘new’ Liberty lawn)!

I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some makes to show, but for now, happy sewing and a here’s to a healthy and very Happy New Year!





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Taking the Liberty …

Well, today started badly but slowly got better. My bad mood was lifted by a lovely bike ride through the rolling countryside with Jimmy this afternoon. It was a bit windy but nice and sunny. It’s good to get out and blow away the cobwebs and just spend some time together away from work and the house and the teenage hormones.

But that is by the by. I have got myself a bargain … I spotted this shirt in the charity shop. It’s an old James Meade Liberty print shirt (I say old but it’s in perfect condition), a gorgeous lawn fabric and about three sizes too big which means I have room to transform it into something new! I do love making something new from something old (see my curtain dress!), and Liberty fabrics are a little on the pricey side so this is brilliant!

Oh, I finished my skirt. I will put a photo up when I’ve shaved my legs and painted my toe nails!

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