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Old bag …

Me Made June is over. I wouldn’t say I failed, but I did struggle. Actually, I’m really pleased I came across it on Zoe’s blog. I wore clothes that I truly believe would still be at the back of the wardrobe if it weren’t for the challenge. I really thought about what I was wearing and appreciated what I’d made, seeing things in a whole new light. Towards the end, I did wear my jacket a lot and then I made my ‘old bag‘ (see below) and that helped a whole heap! The great thing is, I am altering pieces that I made that weren’t quite right and now I will really take my time when I make something rather than rush into it (I’m too eager to finish sometimes). I also really enjoyed looking at how other sewers were getting on and discovered new inspiring blogs, so all in all, success, thank you Zoe!

I enjoyed making my bag from the barkcloth curtain I bought recently. It’s lined in yellow gingham with red vintage buttons on one side and green on the other plus a bit of pink ric rac for good measure!

Had a lovely weekend, a trip to Giffords Circus on Saturday with family and a walk around Brill Hill on Sunday. Giffords blows me away each year with their story telling (War and Peace this year), costumes, performers and music. I never liked the circus as a child, but this is different …

Go and see them if you can!

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Shopping is nice …

I’ve been shopping.

I didn’t mean to … but I had such a nice time! Jimmy and I went into Oxford for the day on Saturday, primarily to get him some new glasses but I had a sneaky peek in some shops whilst there. Oxford is our closest shopping town and it’s usually a hop and a skip away on the train for a bargain £2.20 return for the both of us. On Saturday we had to go in the car to take the youngest teen to his Duke of Edinburgh camp, then we did park and ride, not as scenic, but nice and simple. I couldn’t contain my excitement. Any concerns about said teen staying away, getting too cold, too hot, hungry or sick, were quickly forgotten as we sped towards the city centre with grins that only parents released of responsibility know of.

I do love shopping, but I have been more conscious recently of what I actually need rather than what takes my fancy. I think I did quite well in putting back several (it is the sales) items that before I wouldn’t hesitate to just buy. I felt very pleased with myself, I must confess that I did buy a couple of things though …  Jimmy got me some PJs from Toast that I have been coveting since the catalogue came through the door in February (a consolation birthday gift as the satchel is STILL in hiding!) and some lace from Darn and Stitch It, a fantastic little shop in Blue Boar Street (I could stay in there all day and be perfectly content), and an orange cardigan from Zara (I was going to keep quiet about that purchase but honesty is the best and all that). We had a lovely lunch at Modern Art Oxford and at the end of the day picked up a smart new pair of glasses for Jimmy … very handsome.

MMJ is going OK, although I’m pinning my hopes of more success in the next challenge! I have been keeping it up most days, but failed on a couple too. But, with just a few days left, I feel really happy that this challenge has made me look at my sewing habits so closely and it has certainly given my wardrobe a shake up.

Today I wore my re-fashioned 70s dress. This was floor length with a white lace bib and long sleeves before I took my scissors to it!

Oh alright, I just bought a top and t shirt from Fashion Conscience too (that’s surely not a bad thing). Now will someone please stop me!

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Days like this …

On days like this I feel very lucky. The French doors are open and everyone is relaxing. I have picked some sweet peas for the kitchen window and Jimmy is pottering about out there finding spaces in the limited amount of earth we have for some new plants. The teens have bought him a geranium and some runner beans and he is in heaven. Jimmy is in heaven when he is either in the garden, in a garden centre or on his bike (a jolly Kona single speed Paddy Wagon) stopping only to look at garden centres. I know he’s not my Dad, but he does a great job of being their Dad and so we are very lucky to have him. By the way, my Dad is also very lovely and I’m very lucky to have him too.

Me-Made-June days 18 (3) and 19 (4) …

Yesterday was a toughie. I didn’t cheat (not really), but I did wear a dress over jeans that I re-vamped rather than made. Is that OK? I think I’ll allow it (in my own little rule book) because it still took a bit of skill to do it and I have worn it to death. If I hadn’t made the changes, it would never see the light of day. It had spaghetti straps before (not good on me) and I replaced them by making the tie back belt into wide straps. Adding the mother of pearl buttons made a little extra detail. Lots of people have asked me where it’s from over the last couple of summers  and it is one of my favourite outfits, I know I can’t take the credit for making it but I think I can safely say I made it into something better! No photo today but as I know I’ll wear it again, there will be one soon!

Today I am wearing my (only worn once before) Liberty dress. This was originally a big gathered skirt probably worn by a lovely old lady who liked her garden … I would imagine. Another one of those “Oh my goodness a bit of Liberty print/ I must have it/ knock people out of the way to get it (not strictly true) moments” from a charity shop. I made up the pattern (why do I keep doing that?) but luckily it worked out quite well. I am wearing it with leggings today (something I never EVER normally wear), and I must say, I quite like it like this. Another positive to come out of MMJ me thinks, making me find a way to wear my dress when it would normally have stayed in the wardrobe until the sun came out!

Still not started my skirt but I can feel I’m getting closer to a sew of some kind!

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Me-Made-June … oh dear.

In my head I am a sewing goddess, fabulous with fabric and zappy with a serger (I don’t even own one) with a wardrobe bursting at the seams with home-made, well-made, vintage-style garments. My head is also very good at allowing me to think that a) I can sing b) I  am assertive  and c) when I ride my bike I look like a French Resistance heroine. You can safely say that I have a very good imagination.

Do you see where I’m going with this…

Me-Made-June is very hard to carry through when your wardrobe is made up of imaginary clothes. OK, I have actually made clothes and if it was sunny, I think I could manage to see through this pledge. But, while everyone else is on day 17, I’m on my day 2 (I didn’t see the challenge until the day before yesterday, honest!). I am looking at the weeks ahead wondering how I’m going to do this because unless the sun comes out I’m going to have to break my ‘No Tights in June’ rule –Oh heck!

Right, I will try my very best. I may even get some opaques out from the back of the cupboard (with my green skirt?).

Day 1 (or 16 if you’re doing this already):

My black, jumble sale fabric made into a sun top. I couldn’t believe my luck when I found this and there was enough to make a skirt too. I’m wearing it here with a black t shirt because our office has been a bit chilly of late, and that’s where I was heading after this photo. Incidentally, I don’t actually have a hairy face, well not that hairy anyway.

Day 2 (17 to you)

No photo, but I promise I am wearing my Liberty top. It’s a bit tight, so tomorrow I’m going to sort out the elastic. When I take it off tonight I’m going to have a very attractive crinkle line.

I will do my best to keep this up … have a good weekend!


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