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I’m a Wally: Welt pocket warning …

If you don’t know what is going on here, think how I feel …


I am trying to fulfil my pledge to Me Made May by making myself some trousers and boy am I struggling. This is not enjoyable. In fact I am considering buying some from Toast, unpicking the label and replacing it with my own (… of course I wouldn’t actually do this) or just sticking on some patch pockets and going for the DIY store, uniform look (very tempting)!

I dithered and procrastinated for so long over this project that I didn’t leave myself a lot of time and when I did finally knuckle down I immediately hit a problem … welt pockets. As you can (sort of) see from the photo above, I messed up. No practise run, just an overwhelming desire to cut into the fabric and hope for the best. Don’t do this, it will end in tears.

I’m using a Burda pattern made for people who know what they are doing (not me) and boy does it make you appreciate the explanations in the patterns of Colette and Sewaholic! Too late for me, but the Thurlow pattern has arrived and I think I can salvage my mess by following the welt pocket instructions from this instead. Talk about running before I can walk and how I wish I’d used this pattern from the outset!

Don’t worry, I am not asking you to look at the photo and tell me what I did wrong, it’s in the bloody bin now and I know where I went wrong, I don’t want to talk about it. I AM OKAY (shouting)! It’s fine.

Oh and just a thought, but I am currently wandering why I wasn’t warned that having two babies exactly two years apart was a very bad idea. We have GCSE and A level revision going on in our home, next week the exams start in full force, stress levels are off the scale and I am trying to make welt pockets … What a wally.



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