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Vintage delight …

I’ve been a bit quiet on the blogging front lately, but I am sewing and I will blog about that soon. In the meantime, here’s a little vintage delight to show you …


My lovely mum gave this to me years ago. She found it in the late 1970s in a junk/ antique shop in the town I grew up in. I think the shop was called Lace Lynn and it was the source of many interesting and beautiful items in our house. Anyway, I know very little about this dress, except it didn’t cost much, it still has the original shop label attached and that I love it dearly (so much so that the fabric has always been my blog header). I think it’s probably early 1940s, but that’s just a guess.

IMG_3442The label says ‘Blacon’ and I’d be really interested to see if anyone knows anything about it because I can’t find anything much except that it was made in England (and that Blacon is a suburb in Chester!).


It’s crepe, it has a zip closure to the front with cord ties, elbow length sleeves and that amazing, angular collar.

IMG_3443This beauty does fit me but I’ve never worn it. It’s a bit of an unflattering length on me, falling on the calf. Unfortunately I didn’t inherit my mum’s slim legs, I can only imagine that mine were made in Wales, ‘Shapely’ as I like to think of them! I did consider shortening it once upon a time but actually in this case, I’m loathed to alter anything about it and think it should probably be kept in its original state.

IMG_3444The belt is missing, it always has been sadly, but it doesn’t matter to me. It really is a treasure and I’ve enjoyed having another look at it. I keep this in an old suitcase in a cupboard along with some other vintage lovelies. It made me think that there must be so many more hidden gems out there, do you have anything to show? Go on, pop them on your blog, I know I’m not the only nosey parker!





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