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Brill Hill and a Sorbetto with sleeves …

On Friday, Jimmy and I had the day off together. He sorted out the pantry into an organised space for food and crockery (“I hate this cupboard!” he exclaims on a regular basis) and I started another Sorbetto top (these tops are addictive). This time I’m using a flimsy, dotty viscose (I think that’s what it is) from my bag of bits – it slips and slides all over the place in an attempt to upset me, but I haven’t given up! After the cotton Sorbetto, it really is a new experience, but the lovely soft drape changes it completely. I managed to get quite a lot done on Friday but what with one thing and another have had to wait until today to carry on.

Anyway, this time I have cut it out in two pieces and despite being a bit tricky to sew, I think it has worked well. I’ve sewn it all with French seams, so it’s nice and tidy and I’ve added black binding and a bit of ric rac (I LOVE ric rac!) to the neckline and front panel. But, most satisfyingly I have added some sleeves! I was trying to draft a pattern for these myself (hopeless!) before I realised this was available (thank you Sew, Incidentally!). My top is size 4 but I have added a couple of gathers on the shoulders and it all went together really easily. (The photo shows my mock up sleeve, just to be sure it would fit).

My only problem is the length. It is just a tiny bit too short (I knew this from Sorbetto mark 1) but if I’d cut it out allowing for this then I wouldn’t have had enough fabric for sleeves. I’m not sure if it will hang nicely if I use the black bias binding I have already (it seems a bit stiff), so I might make some with the scraps of main fabric I’ve got and hopefully add a bit to the length rather than lose some …. hmm, decisions, decisions!

I’ll add a photo when it’s finished, but for now, this is Brill Hill in the rain on Friday. We took a break from our demolition of said cupboard and construction of said top, drove up to Brill with a bag of fish and chips and sat admiring the views in the heavy rain, snug, smug and happily dry in our car, yum!

Hopefully very soon I’ll have a finished top to show you, but for now bye bye!



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