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My (almost) Perfect Peony …

My Peony dress is finished and what a beauty (if I do say so myself) she is …

Forgive the fact I haven’t modelled this but I am still pale and sickly looking (cough cough) from the bug that won’t go away. You’ll have to take my word for it that it’s a good fit and it feels very ‘me’! I will get a photo of me wearing it when the sun comes out and I get a bit of colour back in my cheeks, I promise.

This pattern is so lovely to work with, my only issues were to do with my lack of experience, like taking it up on the shoulders (doh!), realising only after I’d finished that the waist dips at the back by about an inch (I am not removing that zip again) and getting in a muddle with the facing and then the piping and then the facing again after I’d altered the neckline slightly. Also, I think my darts are a bit close (point to point) so I would watch that next time. But, in the scheme of things nothing too major, at the end of the day only I know (and you) what went wrong and I have a nice dress and a bucket full of new things learnt to show for all my tears!

This is version 2 of the pattern but I am not sacrificing pockets for anyone so I kept those! I didn’t make the suggested belt either,   it’s not really me, though I can see that it would look good with a more sophisticated version, I think this one suits it very well (a Jigsaw sale bargain). I also added and decided to keep the ricrac on the sleeves as it’s quite subtle and I love ricrac almost as much as I love violet creams, so that stayed and I think it ties in with the vintage style of the dress.

So, would I make it again? Yes of course, perhaps in a different type of fabric though, something with a bit of a drape?

What did it cost?
Cotton fabric from ebay £14.10 including postage for 3 metres (I only used 2!)
Ricrac from my tin of exciting things
Zip £3.60 (really expensive and before I realised the internet was cheaper!)
Cotton, already in my box but probably £2.

So let’s say just under £20 for a vintage style floral frock and the priceless satisfaction of making it myself, perfect!


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