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A Sanderson Sorbetto …

My goodness, that was a break and a half! Sometimes it’s good to ‘just be’. No need to document my every move and make, just time to do stuff and enjoy it without writing about it (it’s actually quite refreshing!). With my blogging holiday behind me I think I’m ready to join in again and there’s so, so much I seem to have missed, but first …

With a bit of time out and a couple of new makes under my belt, I’ll start with a (somewhat predictable) …  Sorbetto! Or, as I like to call it, my Sor-boat-o (a Sorbetto with a boat neck, of course)!

photo 1I have quite a few (hundreds of them) Sorbetto tops now and all based on this fabulous free pattern from Colette. For this version I omitted the front pleat and altered the shoulder width and neckline to create the boat neck shape with a simple paper cut out. I also added sleeves and made a facing for the neckline which gave a nice, smooth finish. I made this in a couple of stress free hours and it came together perfectly.


photo 1aI used the left overs of my Pull Yourself Together dress and I’ve worn it to death already. I’ve since discovered that the fabric is Sanderson ‘Primitif’ from the early 60s, a ‘modernist sunflower design’, I love the colours.

photo 5photo 2aI have a bit of this fabric over and am thinking it would make a great skirt … Those Von Trapps have nothing on me!

In other news, I think I have to be realistic and let the Dolly Clackett Sewing Challenge pass me by which is TERRIBLE!  I’d have loved to have taken part, maybe I’ll manage my own little homage to the bride to be at a later date. Have you seen the entries on the Flickr page? So lovely!

Me Made May is also fast approaching and I’m thinking I’ll maybe hide in a corner under some vintage curtain fabric this year and hope no one notices that I’m not taking part. I’m looking forward to seeing how everyone else wears May, it’s always inspirational and a great way of discovering new bloggers and patterns.

And, the Great British Sewing Bee is over. Dare I say that I didn’t agree with the judges final decision? … (pause as tumble weed blows silently across the work room). In fact I found myself disagreeing with quite a few things Patrick and May said this year, oh dear, was it just me?!

Right, I’m off to eat far too many chocolate eggs with Jimmy and co. Have a very happy and relaxing Easter everyone! xx




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A question of vintage …

I have found a wonderful, smallish, but exciting bit of Sanderson fabric in my lovely, local Oxfam …

They don’t make them like this any more …

It says it is a sample piece and is ‘foreign’. It has a number which I’ve googled to no avail, it would be nice to know the year, looks a bit 50s possibly 60s to me (or is that wishful thinking?).

What do you do with a vintage find like this? I’m very tempted to squeeze a top from this, but is that okay? Should I keep it intact and place it folded up, safe from the scissors temptation in a cupboard? Or think what the hell and make a unique item of clothing? It doesn’t seem a bad thing to do with the curtain I bought as (looking at it closely) it’s been used as a dust sheet and I think I’m saving it from further abuse, but this is a perfect sample … I’m inclined to think sod it and have a bit of fun, so why do I feel guilty?

Come to think of it, there’s a strong possibility that my primary school had curtains out of this very same fabric in the school hall. All that talk of sun resistance and wash proof colours is making perfect sense now. It’s looking very familiar. Do you think Kent County Council had the budget for Sanderson in the 70s? Oh, now I just smell fear, farts and plimsoles, not good, perhaps the drawer is the best place after all!

Hmm, I’ll have to think a little bit. In the meantime I’m making a skirt …

with some of the fabric from my mother-in-law, a vintage pattern and vintage notions. I’m going for view ‘b’ and hope to complete it this weekend!?

We shall see x



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