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Hollyburn in denim …

Before I tell you about my new Hollyburn, I have to sing from the roof tops that I re-threaded my overlocker, and it was just fine! Jane kindly sent me a great link which was very helpful, but it still took me a good hour and I only swore once! Actually, it was good that it didn’t work straightaway because it made me look closely at the workings to figure out what I’d done wrong. Next time it will be much easier.

Now for the Hollyburn. I was a bit anxious about making this pattern up in denim, I wasn’t sure how well it would hang but it’s fine, it’s good, I’m happy! As I’d already made my Miss Marple version, I was quietly confident that I knew what I was doing this time and cut all the pieces out very quickly. I then overlocked all the edges (yeah!!) ready to sew together.

This time I lined the pocket in a little bit of Liberty print I had left over from an early project as I was a bit worried the denim might be too bulky …


and I couldn’t resist a bit of red piping.


At first, I thought an exposed red zip would be quite cool, but that was soon unpicked and quickly replaced with an invisible one. Did I say quickly? I could re-thread my overlocker a thousand times in the time it took to do this zip!


I got there in the end …


Look how nice and neat the inside looks with the overlocked seams …IMG_2674

The fabric was cheap from Walthamstow and although I washed it first, I noticed a blue tinge to my fingers. Not sure how it will wear, but as long as I don’t sit on white sofas, I think it will be alright. The vintage buttons were from my mum and seemed perfect for this …


I’m happy I tried it in denim, I think this skirt will get a lot of wear. Now I’ve got a denim version out of my system, I’m looking forward to making a floaty, floral Hollyburn for the summer, assuming we get one this year.



Next up, with only four and a bit days of February left, I must get a jiggle on with Winnie’s Polka Dot Frock Fest – Talk about cutting it fine!


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My Miss Marple Skirt …

Any village murders need solving? If you just give me a minute to powder my nose and quickly knit a cardi, I could be the sleuth you’re looking for in my new super duper Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt!


At first I was thinking primary school headmistress circa 1975 but I’m much comfier with Agatha Christie’s iconic little old lady. If I take it up a tiny bit so it sits just on my knee instead of just below, I may be able to shake off this image, but on the whole … I love it!


This is my first Sewaholic pattern and it won’t be my last, it’s very clear and simple, I love the design. The fabric is another Walthamstow, £2 per metre find and there’s something quite nice about it with the orange and cream flecks running through it.


I went for view B, but took a bit of length off (not enough apparently) as I just loved the button tabs. Buttons and big pockets, what’s not to like about this?


And yes, I did add piping to the pockets …


How nice it that?!



And look, an invisible Zip! I did think this may make my bum look humungous, but I think it’s ok. I don’t actually care, I like this skirt so much and round bottoms are good!

Next time? A little bit shorter but that’s just me. Oh, and itchy fabrics need lining, or a decent petticoat!

This pattern has so many possibilities, a denim number is next on my list with contrasting piping, but floral, summery versions excite me no end! You should buy this pattern, it’s very, very satisfying!





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No excuses …

Happy New Year! I have no excuses for my absence or lack of sewing, just a head full of silly stuff that has pushed all the lovely stuff into a tiny corner. I read in a magazine this week (yes, I have time to read magazines?!) that “a thought can only take up as much space in your head as you allow it to” (Pause Button Therapy by Martin and Marion Shirran, perhaps I should buy the book?). The idea being that by simply repeating this mantra stops your brain from allowing the thought to build up out of all proportion, magic!


Any old how, Christmas and the run up to it, as for everyone, was hectic. We went to Wales for the New Year which was heavenly. Beautiful landscapes, long walks in the fresh air and plenty of farm animals to entertain, all good for the sole.

As I have no projects on the go, I should show you what my mum made me for Christmas …


Two crochet flower corsages and two pairs of fingerless gloves (the photo does not do these justice) which are very useful when typing in the cold (Oh dear, I’ve just noticed the dog hairs on the teal gloves curtesy of the sheep dog where we stayed)!

I treated myself to two new books on a boxing day walk through town. The Works had Dottie Angel’s Granny Chic for £5.99 which was a pleasant surprise and the much blogged about Sew U Home Stretch also £5.99. I am now itching for a caravan with crochet blankets galore and a vintage curtained area for an overlocker so I can make a knitted fabric based capsule wardrobe!


I have also just purchased two new patterns (everything in twos), the Colette Jasmine blouse which I have needed for some time and the new Sewaholic Hollyburn skirt which looks like it may make my bottom look massive but I’m going to try it anyway!

I do have lots of things in mind to make which I will mention here just for my own reference. I must not forget the new Negroni shirt I have planned for Jimmy (a belated anniversary gift, he’s been so patient). The Ginger skirt that is now downloadable from Colette (as are Jasmine and Crepe, exciting!) and a dress which I’m hoping to recreate from memory using a mixture of patterns I already own (it could of course go horribly wrong). It was a vintage, velvet delight that I saw in Summertown just before Christmas. I stupidly told myself that I didn’t need it and even as I left the shop I knew I was making a mistake. The fact it didn’t have a price tag is why I hesitated, but I so regret not asking. Anyway, it’s gone now so I’ll never know! Perhaps I’ll recreate it, and my version won’t have the little hole in the sleeve or the musty smell …

As a final thought, I am working with an illustrator at the moment (in my day job) who is driving me mental with his fluffiness at not meeting deadlines, honestly you wouldn’t believe the excuses he comes out with in his emails  for not actually doing what he should be doing. It has occurred to me that maybe, just maybe I could possibly be his sewing equivalent? Oh Lordy! Just a thought, but I don’t like it …

I’ll be back x


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