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The long and short of it …

I have started a project, hooray! It’s the good old Simplicity 2444 and I have stopped dilly dallying and gone with the gingham (blogged about here). There. Said it. It must now be done.

I have cut out the fabric and am just about ready to start sewing but … (there’s always a but) do I give it 3/4 sleeves or short sleeves? I’m tempted to do the 3/4 sleeves but there are so many sweet short sleeved versions out there and I do love my cardigans! Perhaps if this works out well I could make a long sleeved version in a more substantial fabric, hmm I may have made up my own mind!

On another sewing note, I was clearing the debris from the hall this morning and found this on the floor …


I made it to tie under the saddle of my boys bike when he cycled Lands End to John o’Groats this summer. I think he took it off when the bike went in for a service the other day. I admit, no 15 year old wants the men in the bike shop to see THAT, but does he not realise the blood and sweat I put into making it!?! I almost swept it up!

I’m going to smile at my pile of ready-to-sew-2444 fabric and make an abosolute decision about the sleeve length tomorrow when I don’t have ‘what shall I cook for tea?’ on my mind. Or shall I just cut them long and decide when it’s made up? Decisions …





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Friday fabrics …

Last week I ordered a couple of bits of fabric online and slowly (oh, frustratingly slowly) it has made it’s way to me (on the back of a donkey I think) and honestly? I’m a little disappointed. I don’t think I’m experienced enough really to risk buying material without touching it first so it’s been an expensive lesson. Don’t fret, it’s not unusable, just not quite what I expected.

First up is my eagerly awaited red and navy gingham. This actually arrived in reasonable time and I can’t fault the buying process but I’m still not sure if I would have bought it had I felt it first.  It’s 100% cotton, “perfect for dressmaking” and £5.99 a metre. I bought it with the Simplicity 2444 in mind (I have been admiring this dress all over blogland). I’m not sure now, I love the colours and the check but it’s a bit light weight and will surely need a lining.  It’s not like other ginghams (probably why they’ve described it as a check), it creases very easily and seems more like a voile really. Plus, when I washed it there are a couple of flaws that I’m going to have to cut round, PLUS it’s now in the sale at £4.70 (grrr!). If you really like it, you can get it at Remnant Kings, but remember postage is £4.95 (gulp).

Second up is this squiggle number. I wasn’t sure if I should buy this or not as the postage was (for the amount of fabric) remarkably steep at £5.95, I did order it with something else but that was tiny! Anyway it took 7 days to get here (I know!) and now I’ve got it in my hands I’m wondering how I’m going to sew it (slippy, slippy). It feels a bit like lining fabric, not the soft satiny drape I was hoping for. Oh well, moan over, it might be just what you’re looking for! If so, you need to head for Croft Mill and it’s called ‘Lost Cause’ which describes me quite well after my uneducated purchases!

On a brighter note, if you want to buy the Simplicity 2444 pattern, go to Jaycotts. I got it with 50% off at only £3.38! This was probably my most exciting parcel as it contained zips, cottons and the pattern and nothing excites me more than a parcel of notions with my address on (well, that’s not strictly true …).

But, there is more (sorry, this is a long post isn’t it). I went to a proper shop with proper bolts of proper fabric and a proper real life lady to serve me with a smile (well she didn’t smile but maybe she was hungry). I bought this dobby and (proper) gingham, all cheap as chips, no postage and no disappointment.

Ooh, and there’s that red and blue check again, creeping in on the good guys!

Now I just have to find somewhere to put it all! Have a lovely weekend.


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