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Vintage pink …

Another little Simplicity 2451 to show you, this time in some pink wool from a Summertown charity shop …

IMG_3432There was only about a metre of this fabric, but a treasured find all the same. It came in a polythene bag along with it’s matching lining and I didn’t dare open it until I got home. No moth holes or marks and good as new (apart from the slight “I’ve been hiding in a cupboard for many years” smell that vanished with it’s first hand wash). I wonder who originally bought this and what they’d planned to do with it.

IMG_3724Having already made this pattern up once, I felt quite confident that this would work for me. It sewed up in an afternoon, a couple of weeks before Christmas and I’m happy to say, it s a much better fit than its denim counterpart.

IMG_3725The lining went in a treat (I’m top-stitching the waistband here in case you are wondering!) but honestly, I do need to practice “finishing” it with a little more sophistication, I’m hoping that will come in time … Will it come in time? If anyone has any tips I’d be forever grateful. It’s the hand stitching bit that I find tricky, you know, around the zip? My Lovely Mum who is very clever with this sewing lark assured me that as only I see the inside, I mustn’t worry but I want it to be perfect! I can’t show you the lining round the zip … it’s shameful!

IMG_3726Anyway, my girl cleared out her bedroom a little while ago and found this in her now obsolete GCSE textiles box, 4p, reduced from 9p, now that’s a bargain! I do like the way it finishes off an edge. I took the photo below at work when no one was looking. I was secretly admiring my new skirt and thinking how well it went with the Christmas box of Quality Street when I should have been correcting a Chinese journal (yes in Chinese … you see why I was so easily distracted). I pretended I was checking my phone for texts but actually I was doing a selfie of my lovely hem!

IMG_3727Photographing this skirt proved to be a little difficult (pink is tricky), so please forgive the photo below. It looks nice with a chunky jumper but you wouldn’t see the waist so you get it with a boring black top I’m afraid.

IMG_3862I’ve really enjoyed sewing up this pattern, I know it’s crazily addictive but on the plus side this may encourage the using up of leftovers. There will be more I’m sure and having recently spied Karen’s Double Polka Dot Whammy I am totally inspired to rip-off try something similar. Just look at that gorgeous application of lining, I’m green with envy! I can feel a trip to Walthamstow fast approaching (if there’s any polka dot lining left of course)!


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Double denim is good …

Oh my goodness, squeezing in a make let alone a blog seems quite hard these days! Blogging is not the pleasant pastime it once was as my laptop has decided to go into ‘extremely senior’ mode and groans from the moment I open him up. Each command is met with a 20 second (minimum) delay while he thinks about his next move and if I dare try and open another window to look at vintage fabric while I wait, he gets really annoyed and freezes my desktop or worse still, just crashes.

So, I’m economising on its usage and today you have one post for the price of two, or two makes for the price of one!


Oh my goodness that’s blooming short, why did know one tell me??!!

This is another Laurel, made about a month ago. I know, I know, another Laurel, I hear you, but, this is a cardboard denim version and I have worn it lots already. Ok, it’s a bit of a stiff denim (Walthamstow market last year £2 per metre) which I thought would soften with age. It might still, but four hot washes later and it’s colour and heaviness remain intact.


IMG_3707This is Laurel (dress) number 3 (see here and here for the other two if you like) and although it’s probably time I tried something new, it is a good pattern to go to when your sewing confidence is at low point or when you can do without any stress. A virtually guaranteed, satisfyingly pleasing make indeed!


For this version I cut it slightly A line (again), added pockets and some darts to the front just to relieve the cardboard toilet roll effect the denim gave, I think it worked out well! I do like this, it’s very easy to wear (goodness I’ll be in beige polyester slacks next), but if you try, make sure your denim is more forgiving, no one wants to look like a tube.


Next, a Simplicity 2451. I’ve seen so many lovely versions of this skirt in the blogosphere and this make of mine has to be the most boring of them all! But, it is a ‘wearable muslin’, that’s my excuse anyway. I’d read many times that the sizing of this pattern was questionable and so before I cut into my wool, lace and brocade (I have plans!) I wanted to try it out on something less precious. A scrap of soft denim from the depths of my cupboard.




Knowing this was a ‘play make’, I didn’t actually ‘finish’ it that well and lazily, machine hemmed it (don’t look closely at the photos). I was really just testing the pattern for size. I thought it was ok but an outing to the office last week ended in many back to front moments so it still needs tweaking. I do like this skirt and the way it came together so I’m quite happy to go forth and chop into my wool now, maybe even today!

Or there’s that laundered, folded blackwatch tartan that is screaming ‘Make A Christmas Dress’ at me! My day off is disappearing fast, best get on … 

My laptop is about to be banished to the naughty step, deep breathing and a burst of computer free sewing is in order I think. Better publish this quickly before it crashes again and sends me off to the gin cupboard!


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Time for a change …

If I’m honest, I’ve been feeling a little disappointed with my recent makes (and a little bored). It’s ok, don’t worry, I still love to sew, but I  think I need to escape from my comfort zone. Let’s face it, I have quite a few Simplicity 2444‘s, I could dress an entire office with my collection of Sorbettos and if there weren’t enough of those to go round, well I could throw in a few Laurels too. Yep, it’s time to take the leap and make something different, different for me anyway …

I have a feeling that the Simplicity 2451 will change my life (I know, I know, I’m the last to try this), dull looking maybe but there are some corkers out there and it looks so very useful (see here and here for a start)! For the fabric I have a charity shop find in mind …


Goodness, that’s bright! It’s not really that bright, honest. I found this wool for £5 along with the matching lining, in a plastic bag in a charity shop in Summertown. All washed and ready to go, it is sitting on my desk just waiting for me to have a day off.

Then like someone who’s overslept and missed the train to the pattern party, I’m the last to try Elisalex from By Hand London. I loved making my Anna and have had this on my to do list for ages. The fabric? Another charity shop find …

IMG_3440It’s in the bag and it’s a pair of crazy curtains. I’m actually at the train station here and so excited at my 1970s school curtains find (and bored while I waited for my delayed train) that I took a photo. It’s just a sneaky peak, more soon.

What else, ooh yes I have a yearning to make a blackwatch tartan dress, though I haven’t decided which pattern to use yet. Like the 2444 addict that I am, it’s calling me and I’m finding it hard to resist. But, what I’m thinking is, I could line it! That would be good, yes? A challenge, a stretch. Yes, that’s what I’ll do! Or should I do something new? Yes? No? Yes? No? Oh blooming Nora, let’s just put it back in the drawer and think about that another day!

These aren’t terribly taxing patterns I know, but they are new to me and learning to sew is a life time experience, not one to rush. I do know that I’d like to improve on my  skills and if I’m not careful, I’ll be wearing 2444s when I’m collecting my pension. Actually that would be nice! No, I need to keep pushing myself and hopefully, in time I’ll gain the confidence to push myself all the way and make something like a coat!

I’m now ready to swim without armbands, cycle without stabilisers, fly without wings! Watch this space …

Don’t tell anyone but I might just make one more Laurel first … in denim.


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