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Blundering bunnies …

Oh dear, I’ve had two consecutive sewing disasters in the last week. It’s always nice to know that you are not alone when you have a bad patch, so I thought I’d share them with you, just in case you too are ‘going through a phase’ …

First up, my ‘gorgeous’ vintage blouse. The pattern was from Oxfam and the fabric is a remnant piece of  crepe, mixed together, what do you get? A way too big, creased rag bag obviously!

photo 2Ooh, it could have been so good. This is how it should look …

photo 5It’s Style 4866 (I can’t find it on the internet!) and I was ‘hoping’ to create view 4. I’ve used a vintage Style pattern before and a 34″ was just fine, but somehow this blouse is WAY too big just about everywhere so I’m kicking myself for not making a toile first. The only consolation is that despite the lovely colour, the fabric is rubbish and whatever I made with it I think I’d have been upset by its unwillingness to sew. I will give this another go but in a nice bit of cotton next time!

Now for disaster number 2 … who’d have thought you could go wrong with a Laurel!

photo 1aWell, you can if you don’t line up the stripes (P-L-O-N-K-E-R) and are rushing because Call the Midwife is on in half an hour and you’d quite like this ready for work in the morning. Oh dear. The sad and worrying thing is that I didn’t even notice that I’d gone sooooo wrong until I whizzed around the hem with the overlocker and realised that if I didn’t stop I was going to end up with one extremely long spiral (see above). After a bit of head scratching and investigation it occurred to me that this was an early error and one not to be tackled on a Sunday night …

photo 1

Possibly not one to be tackled ever. Now if it doesn’t make your eyes go funny (it’s inside out here) you can follow that stripe that runs under the armpit from the left to Timbukto  on the right. Bum boils! I also appear to have given myself a droopy boob and I’m very unhappy about that, I must have been drunk, surely? Not at all, and what’s worse is this has happened before, will I ever learn?! Oh it would have been such a good dress but there’s no disguising the mistakes especially in our graphic design office where my colleagues have an eye for such things. Humph.
Perhaps I should go and get myself some Coco, have you seen the lovely new pattern from Tilly?! No bust darts there to confuse those stripes and it really is just what I wanted in the first place (if only she’d released it two days earlier!).

BUT, I have made something that knocks the spots off both these blunders, a gem of knitting genius, my first ever knitted (cough) garment  … (please refrain from laughing), this could be the start of something beautiful!

photo 2a


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