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My Von Trapp skirt …

Finally, I have made my summer skirt from the charity shop curtain.

It does look as if  Maria and the Von Trapp children helped me, but I’m pleased nonetheless!

I abandoned my 1970s pattern plans as there wasn’t quite enough fabric and unsurprisingly … made it up. Oh well, it worked, that’s the main thing. I made it from one piece of material, shaping it with darts at the back, side darts and some pleats at the front. I wasn’t sure whether to face it or put a waist band on but opted on the latter in the end and it looks good. I struggled with the first button hole (rather annoyingly) and have ended up sewing it up as a phantom button hole and putting a hook and eye behind as it was just slightly off its mark.

The buttons and ric rac are from my bits and bobs tin, you can see why they had to be used! I am so pleased with the pockets but when it came to sewing them on I almost gave up. I have learnt that pockets and pleats aren’t so good together and I think I unpicked them 4 times before settling on a position. Perhaps they weren’t such a success but how could I not use them when they are sooooo pretty!

I’m pleased it’s done, the only problem now is finding a top to match …

I have some ideas for a dress next (made up of course).

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Cider with Rosie and Friday night in …

Thank goodness for Fridays. The pizza dough is ready, the kids are watching telly and Jimmy has popped out for wine (can’t believe there’s none in the cupboard!). Friday nights always revolve around a home made pizza in front of the telly and a long bath, not too early but not so late that I fall asleep in it.

Tomorrow, I’m looking forward to starting a new summer skirt with this yellow, floral, curtain fabric. We are trying to book a summer holiday and I would love to go with a home made or charity shop capsule wardrobe or at the very least an ethical one! Actually it’s quite hard to find a holiday at this late notice that fits in with 14th and 16th birthday celebrations, a music festival and results day. Still, we hope something with pop up!

I will let you know about the skirt …

If things get really bad – the holiday search drives me to insanity or the skirt goes terribly wrong, I will curl up in a chair and finish my lovely book, Cider with Rosie. It is such a comforting book, honest and lyrical, you can almost smell Laurie Lee’s childhood kitchen! Jimmy nudged this book my way after he fell in love with it and we recently discovered that our neighbour knew Laurie Lee when she was a child. She says he used to visit her father (in the late 1940s) and would picnic with them often. He wrote her a poem about the spire of the church we live next to and made quite a fuss of her by all accounts! She tells us that she was always amazed that he had a country accent on the radio and in real life sounded quite different! Sadly, the poem was lost a long time ago but as she has lived in the house all her life (she’s 75 now) so it may still turn up somewhere!

My Mum says she knew the girl on the cover of my book who modelled as Rosie for the artist – small world!

Have a lovely weekend x

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