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Dotty, spotty Sorbetto with sleeves …

Finally, I have some photos of my finished Sorbetto and jolly pleased with it I am too. Today is this tops second outing, in fact, I think it will be one of the few things I’ve made that I won’t be ashamed to wear out! I know, my head is missing … wet hair, no mascara and a case of catching Jimmy with camera in hand, just as he was leaving for work this morning. “Don’t get my head in!”

Does it look a bit odd that the band at the bottom cuts off the panel? It looks OK in real life but just a little weird in the photo. Definitely an essential addition for me to add this band (of course if I’d had enough fabric I’d have just added a bit to the bottom of the pattern), a stubborn bit of tummy that likes to hang over my jeans needs to be hidden so a bit of patch work was in order!

The sleeves (see last post) worked a treat too and I’m really pleased with the contrast binding. I did sew a couple of buttons on but actually it was a bit much (ric rac, spots and buttons?), so they were whipped off in a jiffy and just in case you’re not sure of my feelings towards this top, I’m very chuffed!

I wore this last week to Oxford to see Bonnie Prince Billy and the Trembling Bells (excellent gig) and today I’m wearing it to see a lovely friend for lunch. Usually, a trip to Kate’s house is combined with a trip to H&M, but all my consumer yearnings have disappeared lately and I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the satisfaction you get from making your own clothes.

Here’s to a productive, home made weekend, have a lovely one x



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