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Buttons, buckles and wet weekends …

As a little girl, I used to sit with my mum while she sewed and go through her big Tupperware box of buttons. I used to sort them into groups of colours for her and thread them with cotton into bundles. My fingers would be adorned with rings made with the brightest ones and bits of elastic. Lots of them had stories attached, finds in junk shops or removed from a much loved dress long since worn out. There is something lovely and comforting about rummaging through a button box, especially when you come across the ones that evoke memories.

As for the buckles, it’s my plan to make some belts very soon!

These cute doggy buttons were on a dress my mum had as a little girl and still a firm favourite of mine now!

Sunday turned out to be wet in more ways than one … The outlet hose came away from the washing machine and all the dirty water leaked out to create a swimming pool in the kitchen, oh dear. It must be said that this little incident put a damper (forgive the pun) on the day, but Jimmy and myself overcame moodiness and sorted it out. A fan heater has been drying it all out since (don’t think about the bill) and slowly but surely each little crevice is drying out. Now the washing machine sits like a criminal in the middle of the kitchen for us all to walk into and stub our toes. It is sulking at its new (temporary) position and shudders violently as a hot wash of bio sorts out his bad breath while we’re at it!

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