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I’m making something … honestly!

Ooh, it’s been too long, my sanity is certainly suffering with the lack of creativeness going on in my house. Pilates isn’t enough to take my worries away, I need to lose myself in a proper pretty project. I had yesterday off work and my little desk looked so sunny, that once I’d cleared breakfast away, put the muddy rugby boots out of sight, distributed clean clothes to the perimeter of the teens bedrooms and been and bought food (OK, and looked in the charity shops), I had about half an hour before they all came back in again, then piano lessons and oh, it goes on and on … Anyhow, I managed to get quite a bit of my new project underway. I will hopefully finish it in time for next Easter, you never know! We went to Chipping Norton for a mooch around last week and I spied this wonderful vintage curtain … I’m ridiculously pleased with it even though generally I’m not a beige person. It cost £3 and despite one faded edge it’s in pretty good condition. The last curtain I bought for a project disintegrated in the wash, this one has survived my 40 degrees rigorous test, so I reckon it will be ok. I’m thinking, in a mad sort of way that it might make a really nice skirt. I shall pop it on my ‘to do’ pile. Despite not getting very far with my own sewing, I am having a lovely time looking at everyone’s blogs and seeing that you are all getting on with yours. It really makes me happy to see so much going on and it’s lovely to feel a part of this community, so I know it’s all a bit twee of me (time of the month, so I’m allowed to be gushy) but thank you for the inspiration! x


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My Von Trapp skirt …

Finally, I have made my summer skirt from the charity shop curtain.

It does look as if  Maria and the Von Trapp children helped me, but I’m pleased nonetheless!

I abandoned my 1970s pattern plans as there wasn’t quite enough fabric and unsurprisingly … made it up. Oh well, it worked, that’s the main thing. I made it from one piece of material, shaping it with darts at the back, side darts and some pleats at the front. I wasn’t sure whether to face it or put a waist band on but opted on the latter in the end and it looks good. I struggled with the first button hole (rather annoyingly) and have ended up sewing it up as a phantom button hole and putting a hook and eye behind as it was just slightly off its mark.

The buttons and ric rac are from my bits and bobs tin, you can see why they had to be used! I am so pleased with the pockets but when it came to sewing them on I almost gave up. I have learnt that pockets and pleats aren’t so good together and I think I unpicked them 4 times before settling on a position. Perhaps they weren’t such a success but how could I not use them when they are sooooo pretty!

I’m pleased it’s done, the only problem now is finding a top to match …

I have some ideas for a dress next (made up of course).

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