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Out with the new and in with the old …

I’m climbing out of my blog free bubble to send my new year greetings!

There is no particular reason for my quietness of late, but it’s been nice to take a break and just sew …

And find things …

Glass buttons from a vintage stall at Gloucester Green Market in Oxford.

photo 5Something that has been on my wish list for many moons, a beautiful, warm, Welsh wool coat complete with the original tickets found in the unworn pockets (from that auction site). To say the family are bored with my frequent “but just look at it!”  exclamations is an understatement … But just look at it!

photo 1photo 4photo 3And a little ‘doing up’ project for the New Year. Jimmy and I found this in a bin on our way home from work one night …

photo 6And for Christmas I got what every woman needs …

photoA bakerlite, pale green wool holder (and some ‘new’ Liberty lawn)!

I’m sure I’ll be back soon with some makes to show, but for now, happy sewing and a here’s to a healthy and very Happy New Year!





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Welsh wool and sunshine …

Just back from a sunny, quiet and beautiful holiday in Wales, it seems so noisy here in comparison (car alarms, church bells and dogs at this very moment!). This was a back to basics kind of holiday, no internet access for a start, no telly either, but a whole pile of books, a pack of cards and more importantly just the four of us having a good time. Yes, I did squeeze my sewing machine into the boot, but more on that another day!


The weather was brilliant (I know! In Wales!) and most days were spent at the beach, reading and eating and eating and reading but we did manage to visit the National Wool Museum one day, and I’m so pleased. It’s a working museum housed in the former Cambrian Mills and if you love textiles, you cannot visit the Teifi Valley and not pay it a visit! The story of the Welsh textile industry, historical recordings of the people that worked there, the smell of wool, the handsome talented craftsman demonstrating the machinery, exhibitions and a rather good cafe to boot, perfect.

IMG_3230 IMG_3227

IMG_3228I could have moved in there, lost in a huge dream bubble of carding, warping and weaving, only I think they’d have noticed the nutty English woman who can’t even knit let alone speak Welsh.

IMG_3223Yes, that is my Miz Mozelle dress I’m wearing, (just to remind myself that although I can’t knit or speak Welsh, I can make my own clothes) thank you!

If you go before 2nd November you’ll catch the Kaffe Fassett exhibition and there’s also the work of artist in residence Julie Griffiths Jones dotted about.

Right, off to get my Grandmother’s Welsh wool blanket out of the cupboard and appreciate it all over again …


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My house and other animals …

I came home from work today at about 3 and was met by a pile of papers and books scattered all over the floor in the hall (I imagine they were thrown out of a bag as oldest teen, rushed and tired, aborts sinking ship for revision session at school this morning). The house smelt a bit damp after our washing machine fiasco (said machine is sadly, still in the middle of the kitchen floor). Our bedroom has the air of lost hope, a neglected room used as a dumping ground for washing, mugs of cold tea, discarded clothes after another ‘nothing to wear’ moment this morning and as if that wasn’t enough, a bare bulb dangles despondently just to make it look really depressing …

But, actually, I love my house.

Under the surface it has the mark of a family that has been together for years, bits and bobs (and a couple of stuffed animals) that Jimmy and I have acquired over time, photos of loved ones in days gone by, junk shop furniture, Welsh wool blankets, peeling paint and many oddities that we love. It’s a very old, wonky house with bits that occasionally drop off (which we patch up), but it’s familiar, friendly, warm, safe and inviting. Teens, tears and a load of dirty washing – what the hell, I still love it!


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