Wash and go …

I love polyester! Don’t be thinking of little old ladies or sweaty, sporty sorts, think easy to wash, dry in two minutes and fling on without ironing. It’s a no brainer.

OK, you could also be forgiven for thinking of the 1981 John Waters film of the same name, the one where you took a scratch and sniff card into the cinema with you and experienced the smell of the film too (wow!). I don’t remember that one, it passed me by, but then I was probably pretending I was in Bucks Fizz at the time.

I’m actually very excited about my latest vintage find made in (and I’m not ashamed to say it) polyester.

Just look at that! She’s a beauty and she’s all mine, a lovely vintage number from the local shop that has recently popped up in my neck of the woods. It fits very nicely and as there are no labels, it could well be homemade, and nicely done it is too. This is my second successful vintage polyester dress purchase of recent times and I will post a blog about the other one soon. I love the gathered shoulders and tie waist and it feels all slinky when I wear it, I’m thinking it might be late 70s early 80s. On a down note a) I probably won’t wear it on a scorchingly hot day (unlikely in this country where it has rained for months now) and b) watch out all the people I like to hug. I may zap you with the power of the static shock!


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3 responses to “Wash and go …

  1. That’s gorgeous! Don’t you just love finding special things like this! Great shopping!

  2. So pleased to have found your blog! I was also pretending I was in Bucks Fizz in 1981…! x

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