Too late? … never!

I have rushed home from work to see the teens, but no one is home …

Late last night whist searching the blogs for inspiration I found Zoe. She has set this challenge …  only I am a little late, what with it already being the middle of June! Anyway, she has got me thinking (which is a good thing) and I have taken a little pledge to wear something I have made for each remaining day of the month. It’s a great idea and it encourages us to sew and wear the things we make. Of course, had I seen this in say April, I may have embarked on a sewing frenzy to see me through the month, but better late than never!

I started today by wearing this little jacket that I made about two years ago. I cut the pattern by tracing an H&M jacket that I already own and love and it was very simple to put together, although if I had another go I’d probably add more buttons. In fact I think I could do a much better job now, never mind, it’s all learning! The fabric is jersey and was a 1960s skirt kit complete with zip that I found in a hospice charity shop. The button from one of my lovely button tins. The collar is a little dodgy but I don’t think it really matters  …

You can just see that I lined the collar and cuffs with some stripy cotton too …

Oh dear, now I’ve made the pledge, I’m a bit worried. I’m not sure I have any warm things and this June is turning out to be a bit chilly. Also, I think I’ve imagined that I have made lots more clothes than I actually have (what a plonker!).

Teens are both home, youngest has pen drawings all up his arm and oldest has a headache from all the exams she’s doing. Even though she’s getting on for sixteen, a cuddle and bit of shortbread seemed to help.

Now then, what can I wear tomorrow …

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