Hollyburn in denim …

Before I tell you about my new Hollyburn, I have to sing from the roof tops that I re-threaded my overlocker, and it was just fine! Jane kindly sent me a great link which was very helpful, but it still took me a good hour and I only swore once! Actually, it was good that it didn’t work straightaway because it made me look closely at the workings to figure out what I’d done wrong. Next time it will be much easier.

Now for the Hollyburn. I was a bit anxious about making this pattern up in denim, I wasn’t sure how well it would hang but it’s fine, it’s good, I’m happy! As I’d already made my Miss Marple version, I was quietly confident that I knew what I was doing this time and cut all the pieces out very quickly. I then overlocked all the edges (yeah!!) ready to sew together.

This time I lined the pocket in a little bit of Liberty print I had left over from an early project as I was a bit worried the denim might be too bulky …


and I couldn’t resist a bit of red piping.


At first, I thought an exposed red zip would be quite cool, but that was soon unpicked and quickly replaced with an invisible one. Did I say quickly? I could re-thread my overlocker a thousand times in the time it took to do this zip!


I got there in the end …


Look how nice and neat the inside looks with the overlocked seams …IMG_2674

The fabric was cheap from Walthamstow and although I washed it first, I noticed a blue tinge to my fingers. Not sure how it will wear, but as long as I don’t sit on white sofas, I think it will be alright. The vintage buttons were from my mum and seemed perfect for this …


I’m happy I tried it in denim, I think this skirt will get a lot of wear. Now I’ve got a denim version out of my system, I’m looking forward to making a floaty, floral Hollyburn for the summer, assuming we get one this year.



Next up, with only four and a bit days of February left, I must get a jiggle on with Winnie’s Polka Dot Frock Fest – Talk about cutting it fine!


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10 responses to “Hollyburn in denim …

  1. Gorgeous!!! Makes me want to buy this pattern… the Sewaholic skirts are the on,y patterns I don’t own from the range! Are you coming to the meet-up in April?

  2. Absolutely lovely, love all the finishing touches too! That style of skirt suits you so well. X
    ps. awesome overlocked seams by the way!

  3. Oh, adorable! I know what you mean about the 6000 race- I have major handsewing to do during the red carpet this evening- I may have to hide my hem behind something in the pictures!

  4. This is absolutely lovely! I really love the red piping and buttons- totally gives this skirt some wow factor! Awesomeness!

  5. Sam

    This is lovely. The pops of red really make it special, and I love your red shoes too!

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